Sexy underwear model close -up pictures

Sexy underwear model close -up pictures

Sexy underwear model close -up pictures


As a seductive clothing, sexy underwear has gradually become a fashion trend today.Whether you want to increase self -confidence, or to mobilize the atmosphere of sex life, or to enjoy the performance of aesthetics. Before choosing sexy underwear, we need to understand various types of sexy underwear.

Perspective underwear

Perfecting underwear is made of transparent mesh materials or lace, which can show the beauty of women’s curves and reflect the sexy side.At the same time, due to transparent materials, it needs to be paired with Shanghai fresh meat color underwear or adsorbed materials to avoid leakage.

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Hollow underwear

The hollow underwear adds design elements such as geometric graphics or streamlined color strips on the underwear style. This design will show charming beauty and attract the attention of others.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a representative of sexy underwear because it has the characteristics of softness, delicate and very resistant to see.The texture of lace is light and soft, revealing the elegance and noble women.

Belly pista underwear

The design of belly pocket underwear is more advanced.The bellyband underwear not only has sexy and unique temperament, but also improves self -confidence.At the same time, bellyband underwear can be mixed with various skirts and pants, which is a fashionable choice.


Stockings can undoubtedly provide more choices for sexy underwear.In addition, stockings can also reduce the friction of foreign objects, soften the audio, and also have certain effects on skin care.

High waist underwear


High -waist underwear is relatively traditional, but it is also a quite classic romantic atmosphere, which is a good way to effectively cover the flesh of the waist.At the same time, high -waisted underwear has its special characteristics in design. By adjusting the body shape, the imperfect places are covered, so that the moisture and oil can be excreted.

Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear often appears among women in Hong Kong.The design of the three -point underwear is clever, which can pick out the key points of women and show the beauty of women.At the same time, three -point underwear is not only very attractive to the opposite sex, but also easy to create a sexy and beautiful form, and has a certain effect of waist.

Sexy silk pants

Sexy trousers can define women’s bodies, making women not only beautiful, but also more graceful, unique and sexy.This type of sexy underwear is relatively practical in summer, and can be paired with a variety of jackets.

Chest sticker

The chest paste is the chest protection god.For some big breasts, wearing ordinary underwear will cause a certain amount of friction on the chest, which is particularly uncomfortable in the hot summer.The chest stickers can completely reduce friction and make the chest more comfortable.

Brand recommendation

Joylove and ACEPHA are the leading brands in the sex lingerie market.Fashion magazines such as Rui Li and Bazaar have chosen these brands and made close -ups. They are brand recommended by the market.


Interest underwear not only has aesthetics and publicity, but also allows women to find confidence and enhance temperament.Judging from the above products, each one has its unique design and characteristics.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you need to comprehensively consider your physical conditions, personality, temperament and other comprehensive considerations, and choose one that suits you best.