Sexy underwear model photography

Sexy underwear model photography

Sexy underwear model photography


As a special clothing, sexy underwear is more personal and sexy compared to traditional underwear, so it also has a unique expression and requirements in model photography.

Scene planning

The scene of sexy underwear photography is generally a strong environment, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., which need to be adapted to the style and color of sexy underwear.

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Pose design

The design of the model posture in photography needs to take into account the special nature of sexy underwear, such as emphasizing the beauty of the curve and creating sexy atmosphere, and show the visual effects of the underwear as much as possible.


In sexy underwear photography, the use of lighting is very important, which can highlight the details and texture of the underwear, and create a dark and light -shadow feeling suitable for sexy underwear.

Filming angle

The design and style of sexy underwear are different. When shooting, you need to combine the characteristics of the underwear to adopt different angles, such as side shooting, front shooting, back shooting, etc.

Makeup requirements

In sexy underwear photography, makeup is also a vital part. It is necessary to make appropriate makeup according to the sexy and personalized requirements of the underwear to achieve the best results.


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The props in sex underwear photography are also very important. You need to choose props that match underwear, such as high heels, lace gloves, spray glue, etc.

Composition style

The composition style of sexy underwear photography has a variety of methods. You can adopt a variety of methods such as symmetry, asymmetric, long -sized, shallow scenery to achieve the best composition effect.

Post -processing

In the later processing of photography, the brightness and saturation of the photo can be adjusted to achieve the best visual effect.


Interesting underwear photography is a unique form of photography that requires photographers to have a sufficient understanding and planning before shooting to achieve the best photography effect.