Sexy underwear model to take pictures and scrape hair

Sexy underwear model to take pictures and scrape hair

Sexy underwear model to take pictures and scrape hair

Interesting underwear models are a special occupation. They need not only to have a beautiful figure, but also have a strong heart to face various challenges.One of them is to shave hair before taking pictures to show the best visual effect.

Why do you need to scrape

Why do sex underwear models need no hair effect?This is because it can make the underwear more natural when wearing the hair, and it can also highlight the sexy body line of the model.At the same time, the complete removal of hair can achieve better smoothness and photography effects.

Preparation before scraping

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On the day before taking pictures of sexy underwear, the model needs to make basic preparations to ensure the smooth progress of shaving.This includes a variety of creams and moisturizers on the body so that the hair is easier to scrape off.

Step of hair

The steps of scraping are usually done by professional beauticians.They mainly use some chemicals or laser technology.It should be noted that when using laser technology, we must abide by safety norms, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the body.


When making erotic underwear model shooting hair, you need to pay attention to the following:

Do not use perfumes or soaps in the hair scraping area.

Use moisturizing creams in the hair scraping area to avoid scratches.

Complete the hair scraping process in the place where air circulation is circulated to avoid pollution to the air.

If you need to put on underwear after scraping, confirm that there is no wound or other scratches in the hair scraping area.

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The degree of pain of shaving

People are often worried about how painful shaving will be, but in fact it is related to everyone’s pain sensitivity.For sensitive people, this process may require some patience and courage, so models need to relax themselves and prepare their mentality before shooting.

Effect of scraping

Scratching may have some adverse effects on the skin, including skin allergies and eczema.Therefore, before scraping, make sure you have no history of skin allergies or other diseases.If you are taking medicine, please consult a doctor.

Recalling a hair experience at one time

A sexy underwear model shared her hair experience, "From the beginning to the end, the whole process only took 30 minutes. For me, this is really fast because I know that this is preparing for my work.The whole process is not painful, it is just a slight tingling feeling. "


The model of sexy underwear shaving is an indispensable part.Although this may require patience and courage, it also effectively supports the development of this industry.Therefore, we need to respect and support the work of sexy underwear models, and we also need to ensure their health and safety.