Sexy underwear photo teaching video website

Sexy underwear photo teaching video website


In today’s society, sexy underwear has become a fashion culture in modern society. Especially female friends often like to try new styles of sexy underwear to increase charm.However, for beginners, when choosing sexy underwear, they often do not know where to start, causing a lot of trouble.Therefore, this article will introduce some sexy underwear photo teaching video websites to help everyone better understand and choose the sexy underwear that suits them.

What is sexy underwear photo teaching video website

Sex underwear photo teaching video website is a website that provides video information, sample display, and trial experience of sexy underwear.Most of these videos are displayed and provided by professional models and designers, allowing people to better understand the sexy underwear of various types and styles.

Benefits of the website

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1. Understand the type of love underwear: Fun underwear photo teaching video website allows people to better understand the type of love underwear, such as women’s underwear, men’s underwear, sexy underwear, sexy underwear, etc., which is very helpful to beginners.

2. Visual display: Video of sexy underwear teaching video website can provide physical display of sex underwear, allowing people to feel more intuitive details, fabrics and other details, which is conducive to judgment when choosing.

3. Provide wearing suggestions: Sexy underwear photo teaching video website will provide different styles of matching, as well as different dressing suggestions for different occasions, suitable for beginners’ reference.

S classification of sexy underwear website

1. Sex and Emotional Lingerie Classification

Sexual feelings are mainly targeted at female users. Most of them are popular in the European and American world. Red, black, leather and other materials are the mainstream, which are relatively bold and stylish.However, you need to pay attention to the size and other factors of size when choosing.

2. Men’s sexy underwear classification

Men’s sexy underwear classification is mainly for male users, suitable for Valentine’s Day or other special festivals, which can enhance their feelings.

3. Adult sexy underwear classification


Adult sex lingerie categories are props such as role -playing equipment, such as role -playing equipment, most of them are used to change and enhance interest, and they are more inclined to adult entertainment.

4. European and American sexy underwear classification

European and American sexy underwear classifications, deeper V style, unique design, and sexy leopard print, etc., make women feel noble gorgeous and beautiful, and they are also popular.

Recommendation of sexy underwear website

1. Adam & Eve (Adam and Eve)

Adam & EVE is one of the largest adult entertainment companies and has a rich sexy underwear choice.Their photo teaching video website provides various types of sexy underwear, and produces professional video tutorials, so that people can understand the styles and details more clearly when choosing.

2. Lovehoney

LOVEHONEY provides rich sexy underwear and adult products. Their website not only has a lot of sexy underwear display photos, but also rich photo teaching videos, allowing people to better understand various underwear types and sexy matching.

3. yandy

Yandy is one of the largest sexy underwear suppliers in the United States. It provides various erotic underwear and accessories. Their photo teaching video shows a lot of sexy underwear and clothing, including role -playing clothing.They also provide sexy underwear trial experience services to make people more comprehensively understand the sexy underwear that suits them.

How to choose sexy underwear

1. Choose according to personal hobbies

For those who like a certain type and style, you can choose the style that conforms to your figure from the type you like.

2. Select according to the occasion

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions, so you need to combine actual situations when choosing, such as on Valentine’s Day, party, role -playing and other special occasions.

3. Choose according to the figure

When the selected sexy underwear does not match his body, it will make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, you need to find the suitable size and type according to your figure.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear

1. Select the right size

Choosing the right size is the basis for ensuring comfort.When wearing a sexy underwear, we need to tie the skeleton and bra to the back to avoid trouble.

2. Preparation of accidents

When wearing a sexy underwear, you can prepare some spare clothes to prevent accidents during the wear process, such as taking off your belt.

3. Dress experience

The correctly wearing erotic underwear should make people feel comfortable, and pay attention to not to choose the tight and feel strong clothes, causing physical discomfort.

How to maintain sexy underwear

1. Distinguish the type

Different types of sexy underwear requires different maintenance methods, such as silk, leather, yarn, etc., each method is different, and it is necessary to determine according to its own underwear type.

2. Separate washing

Different colors and types of underwear should be washed separately.You can add some soft agents to ensure the soft and comfortable sexy underwear after washing.

3. Place storage

When storing sexy underwear, it is placed in a dry and sunny place. If it is flattened, it can maintain the expansion of the clothing, but if the storage is not large enough, the folding is considered.

in conclusion

By learning the content and knowledge of sexy underwear photo teaching video websites, we can more solve the type and style of love underwear, choose a sexy underwear that suits them, and wear maintenance correctly, increase self -confidence and enhance charm.Of course, you also need to be cautious when choosing. Considering your physical condition and wearing occasions, you will choose to have a perfect sexy underwear.