Sexy underwear poor review reply

Sexy underwear poor review reply

Introduction: reply to the bad review of sexy underwear

As a sexual underwear expert, we often receive feedback and evaluation from customers.It is inevitable that there will be some bad reviews, which is what we must face and improve.This article responds to some common erotic lingerie reviews and provides solutions, hoping to help those who encounter similar problems.

During bad review 1: The quality is not good

Some customers will complain that the quality of sex underwear is not good enough, and it feels uncomfortable to wear.In fact, this may be caused by improper selection or personal body shape.First of all, it is recommended to choose good underwear with good materials. If there is a certain elasticity, the feel is smooth and delicate.Secondly, it is recommended to choose the appropriate size according to your body to avoid being too small or too large.If it is still not comfortable, it is recommended to wash it with warm water first. After drying it, it may improve the texture and comfort.

Evaluation 2: The color does not match the description

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Some sexy underwear looks very beautiful in the pictures displayed on the website or physical display, but when the customer receives the real thing, it finds that the color and description are not conforming to or even the opposite.This may be due to the influence of photography light or different screen display settings.It is recommended to check the color description of the underwear carefully when buying. If you need it, you can confirm it to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes.

Evaluation 3: Not suitable for wearing

Some customers think that the sexy underwear they purchased is not suitable for their own occasions or figures.This may be due to the fact that there is no suitable style or the unsuitable size.It is recommended to seriously think about the actual use scenario and personal characteristics when buying, and choose to fully consider all aspects that meet your needs to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Poor review 4: When receiving the underwear, the underwear has a odor

Some erotic underwear may produce odor under factors such as packaging and long -term stacking.At this time, it is recommended to take out the underwear first and put it in a ventilated and dry place. It is best to mix water with a laundry solution and then dry it.If the material of sex underwear needs a specific cleaning method, it is best to check the instructions or professional store consultation carefully.

Like review 5: Underwear is easy to loosen

Some customers feedback that the sexy lingerie they buy becomes looser not long after wearing it, which affects beauty and comfort.This may be caused by the inappropriate size of the purchased or improper washing methods.It is recommended to choose the right size when purchasing, and avoid using washing machines or over -hot water during cleaning, so as not to affect the elasticity of material and wear effect.

During bad review 6: Underwear is easy to fade

Some sexy underwear gradually fade after a period of use, making the color no longer beautiful, and even lost its original beautiful effect.This may be caused by poor material quality or insufficient precautions during use.It is recommended to choose a brand with guarantee when choosing to avoid using too intense cleaning methods and directly exposure to the sun when dried.


During bad review 7: Underwear is easy to deform

Some erotic underwear may be deformed during cleaning or long -term use, making it poorly worn.This may be caused by improper selection or improper use.It is recommended to choose a material underwear and avoid using high temperature dried or exposed directly in the sun when cleaning, so as not to destroy the fabric structure and elasticity of the underwear.

Evaluation 8: The design of the underwear is unreasonable

The design of some sexy underwear may look beautiful, but it is not suitable or inconvenient to use when wearing it.It is recommended to understand the design and use of underwear before buying, and make judgments based on your needs and personal characteristics, and select the most suitable style and size.

During bad review 9: Underwear prices are too high

The price of some sex underwear may make some customers dissatisfied and feel that its cost performance is not high enough.This may be due to the comprehensive impact of factors such as brands, materials, and manual, or it may be because the operator’s pricing strategy is improper.It is recommended to choose according to personal economic capabilities when purchasing, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and do not blindly pursue high prices.

Poor review 10: Poor after -sales service

Some customers may encounter some problems during the after -sales service, such as slow processing speed or not good service quality.At this time, it is recommended to contact the merchant in time to communicate the problem.If the merchant does not do it, customers can choose to complain or evaluate relevant departments to remind them.Some excellent businesses will work hard in the after -sales service, hoping to get good feedback from customers.

Viewpoint: Pay attention to customer feedback and continuously improve the quality and service level of sexy underwear and service

Customer feedback is an important way to improve and optimize products in sex underwear brands.How to comply with market demand and meet customer needs is the key to the long -term development of sexy underwear brands.We need to pay attention to the feedback from customers, continuously improve and improve product quality and after -sales service level, and always focus on customers as the center to create a better shopping experience for customers.