Sexy underwear shame is playing

Sexy underwear shame is playing

Sex underwear: Burning your passion

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which aims to provide couples with a colorful and interesting way to enhance their sexual attractiveness.From sexy characteristics to dual -style games, sexy underwear can help you explore sexual fantasies between you and burn your passion.This article will introduce several popular sexy underwear types and how to use them in sexual life.

Uniform temptation: sexy and interesting

Uniforms of different colors, styles and materials can bring different temptations to both men and women.The "role -playing" presented on the bed makes people unique and can enhance sexual interest.Women can choose uniforms from all walks of life, such as nurses, police, empty brother, student, secretary, etc., allowing men to experience different visual and psychological experiences, and enhance the sexual attractiveness between you.

Fantastic is high: lace temptation

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Lace erotic underwear is a more elegant choice. They often include details such as tailoring, flowers, and bonding.Lace erotic underwear can add gentle and romantic elements to the atmosphere of sex, while also keeping you sexy.Such underwear can make both men and women feel more blessings and love, adding passion for your sexual life.

Fascinity: Semi -transparent design

The semi -transparent erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that men and women love. It can show the curve and lines of the body vividly.This erotic underwear attracts men and women, and at the same time does not make people feel too bold or explicit.They make you feel sexy and beautiful, making it difficult to resist.Some translucent sexy underwear is designed as a T -shaped, increasing sexual stimulation, making you more crazy in the process of sex.

Sexy accessories: Hook’s milk stickers

Milk stickers are usually a jewelry that is worn alone on the upper part of the breast, which helps improve the opponent’s sexual attractiveness to you.Milk stickers are usually made of lace or similar materials. The glue is pasted on the breast. The shape and size can be adjusted according to personal preference.It is better to match with sex underwear, which can increase beauty and sexy, and make you more confident and attractive in sex.

Sexy clavicle: exposed shoulder erotic underwear

Own shoulder erotic underwear shows the most feminine parts of the shoulders and collarbone.Own shoulder erotic lingerie is a sexy and noble underwear, which can show the self -confidence of women.For men, clavicle is often one of the sexy parts of women, so this sexy underwear is especially suitable for women who want to enhance attractiveness.

Charming curve: hip exposure of underwear

The exposure of the buttocks is one of the most seductive underwear. It emphasizes the curve and posture of women, which is mouthwatering.This sexy underwear is the best choice for passion and enjoyment.It will be better with transparent sexy stockings.

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Three o’clock: expose underwear in the private parts

In private parts, sexy underwear is a more open choice, adding stimuli to sex.This sexy underwear usually has three points of design, which opens the lower body or chest to attract the other party and increase sexual pleasure.Because this erotic underwear is bolder, it is recommended to decide whether to use it in sexual life after communicating with the partner in advance.

Leather temptation: sexy leather sex lingerie

Leather sex underwear is a common FETISH fashion style.Because it has a stronger sexy effect compared to traditional cloth underwear, it is also more challenging.This underwear material is usually thick and suitable for use in a enthusiastic atmosphere. It is a sexy underwear with special feelings and sexy beauty.

Claim passion: Sexy underwear dry goods sharing

When using sex underwear, fun and fantasy are very important.You can use teasing techniques to slowly guide the other party to enter the role.Remember to keep every movement smooth and natural, so that you and the other half can completely relax and enjoy the process.

Conclusion: sexy underwear, stimulate people’s nature

Interest underwear is a way to increase sexual fun.Sexy underwear can stimulate people’s nature, let you release your sexy and sexual interest, and make your sex life more interesting.Try different styles of sexy underwear, stimuli and tools to add more color and joy to the sex life of you and your partner.