Sexy underwear SM tuning novels

Sexy underwear SM tuning novels

Sexy underwear SM tuning novels

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear aimed at adding condiments to the life of the husband and wife. One of them is SM tone sexy underwear.By wearing such underwear, couples can experience some unusual pleasure and experience.In this article, we will introduce some methods and effects of SM tone sexy underwear through a fictional story.

Go out

In this story, the heroine is a professional woman in her 30s. She likes SM tone sexy underwear very much.One day, she went out with her husband, and she wore a tight zipper corset.This kind of corset has a special design that allows her husband to open it when she thinks and show her what he wants.


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One of the benefits of this underwear is to help control control.In this story, the heroine’s husband knows that she is wearing a tuning underwear, so he must follow the rules and wait until the heroine allows him to liberate her.This sense of control is an experience that both men and women appreciate each other.

Surprise and excitement

In this story, the heroine’s husband had a surprise. He was waiting for her in the toilet. When she entered the door, he grabbed her from behind and pressed her on the wall.This sudden stimulus is one of the advantages of SM tone sexy underwear.It can make your husband and wife live quickly and bring more fun to the whole person’s experience.

Explore new things

In this story, the heroine realized that trying new things does not necessarily mean that it has passed the moral bottom line.Wearing sexy underwear is not an abnormal practice. It can be regarded as a seasoning expansion. This behavior does not cause harm, but brings more communication and happiness.

Pursuing a healthy sex life

A healthy sex life is very important for the physical and mental health of both husbands and wives.SM tone sexy underwear can provide some husband and wife life, unforgettable pleasure and experience, and enhance each other’s emotional connection.This sexual life should be further strengthened by the emotions of both parties.

Increase intimacy

When wearing sexy underwear, both men and women will feel more intimacy.In this story, the heroine’s husband must wait until she allows herself to liberate her, and this waiting will make her feel closer and valued.This experience can increase the intimacy between each other while strengthening the emotional connection between husband and wife.

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Promote the development of relations

The relationship between husband and wife needs to be continuously adjusted and developed, and SM tone sexy underwear is one of the ways to help couples build a closer relationship.In this story, the relationship between the heroine and her husband has been improved because of the use of this underwear.The communication and interaction between husband and wife has also been further enhanced.

Provide security and risk

In this story, the heroine enjoys the stimulus and risk of wearing sexy underwear.But this experience is also a safe experience. She can feel her control, and her husband will abide by the rules at the same time.This sexual experience not only strengthens the emotional connection between husband and wife, but also enables them to get a sense of security.

in conclusion

SM tone sexy underwear can increase the intimacy between husband and wife, bring some special experience and pleasure, and provide couples with a field of exploring.Husbands and wives are more intimate and related, and they are increasingly aware that instead of conducting moral trials on sex, they are better to look at from a new perspective.With the deconstruction of traditional moral concepts, SM tone sexy underwear has brought a new possibility to the sex life of the couple.