Sexy underwear SM use

Sexy underwear SM use

Interesting underwear SM use to improve the quality of sex between couples.These SM utensils can not only increase sexuality, but also enhance the interaction and communication between couples.This article will introduce you all kinds of sexy underwear SM appliances you need to know.

Handcuffs and feet

Handcuffs and foot are one of the most common SM appliances.They can bundle the couple’s hands or feet together to enhance the sense of stimulation of sex.However, pay attention to safety and appropriate amount when using.When buying, you can choose high -quality brands suitable for size and material to avoid using too tight or low -quality products.

Pocket and eye mask

Pocket balls and eye masks are common binding utensils.Pocket balls can limit the words of couples and have stimulus such as "prohibited" and "hearing disorder" during sex.Eye masks can limit the vision of couples and increase the mystery and imagination of sex.Pay attention to breathing and safety when using.At the same time, when buying, you also need to choose a brand suitable for materials and cleanliness to avoid adverse reactions and infections.

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Binding rope

Bonding rope is a tool commonly used by SM enthusiasts.Pay attention to skills and safety when using.Correct use of the rope will effectively control the couple’s body and increase the stimulus of sexual behavior.When choosing a rope, you need to consider factors such as comfort and ultraviolet rays.

SM clothing

SM clothing allows couples to better enjoy fun.When choosing clothing, you can customize the style and color according to your preferences and personalized roads.The carefully selected SM clothing will make couples more interesting and deeper.

Whip and belt

The whip and belt are one of the SM props.Moderate and skillful when using.These props allow couples to enjoy the pleasure of being dominated and dominated.When buying, you need to choose a soft, comfortable and quality brand to avoid adverse effects on the body.

Shock toy

Electrical toys are one of the essential props for senior SM enthusiasts.It can bring new ways and stimuli to couples.When using it, you need to carefully check if there is damage or leakage.At the same time, the current and voltage need to be controlled to avoid adverse effects on physical health.

Jumping egg and massage device

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Jumping eggs and massagers are sexy toys for stimulating couples.They can warm up the atmosphere of sex and increase the climax of the couple’s sex.When buying, you need to choose a brand that is environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to how to use and hygienic issues.

Sexy underwear and role -playing clothing

Interest underwear and role -playing clothing are important ways to improve the quality of couples.Sex underwear can increase sex and pleasure.The role -playing clothing can enhance the communication and interaction between couples.When choosing clothing, it is necessary to consider many factors such as odor, texture, comfort, and pushing factors.

in conclusion

Using sexy underwear SM appliances can enhance the quality and interaction between couples.When choosing a product, you need to consider multiple factors such as safety, convenience, quality, comfort and personalized path.At the same time, you need to pay attention to skills and hygiene when using to avoid infection and damage.The correct use of these SM utensils can make couples shape healthier and more faithful to sexual and intimacy.