Sexy underwear tall people wear

Sexy underwear tall people wear


Interest underwear is no longer just a private costume in the bedroom, and they have become part of the deeper fashion culture.If you happen to be a tall lady, then wearing a suitable sexy underwear will bring you visual balance and confidence.

Emphasize the accessories of the waistline

Tall ladies may need to pay attention to the shape of the waistline, because visually may leave the impression that there is no curve.It is a good way to emphasize the waistline. Adding belt or waist ornament in the navel area may be a good choice.

Retro sexy dress

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The retro sexy lingerie style is very suitable for tall ladies, because tall ladies can fully control the retro and sexy atmosphere.The combination of retro lace and close to the body line can often show the sexy charm of tall ladies.

V -shaped design

The V -shaped design makes the upper body of the tall man look smoother and more natural.The V -shaped design can be suitable for various sexy underwear, not only for low -cut evening dresses or T -shirts.

Off -shoulder design

The off -the -shoulder design is also suitable for tall ladies because it can make tall women softer and elegant.You can try an off -the -shoulder dress or underwear.Visually, the off -shoulder design can extend the upper body of the tall lady.

Gauze design

The erotic lingerie design is designed to show a soft and transparent texture. This design is usually suitable for girls with tall and smooth lines. It will not make people feel too exaggerated, but it looks noble and gentle.

Metal display design

Metal display products are not only popular in fashion streets, but also very popular in the field of sexy underwear.Metal display design can bring smooth and elegant visual effects to tall ladies.At the same time, this design has also created a natural and smooth streamlined type for the body line.

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Embroidery design

The embroidery design can provide a very noble and elegant feeling for tall women.Usually with appropriate colors, such as light embroidery design with dark underwear, dark embroidery design with light -colored underwear, and so on.This design looks more dreamy and softer.

Carved design

The carving design is similar to the embroidery design, but the carving design makes the tall lady look more like a static sculpture.The combination of carving design and sling design is a very appropriate choice.

Tropical flower design

Tropical flower design is enthusiastic, eye -catching and beautiful.The reason why this design is popular is because they can set off the skin color of tall ladies.A strong flower pattern design can better express a person’s personality and essence.


If you are a tall lady, then read this list, you may provide some new ideas for your sexy underwear matching concept.For women, underwear is a special fashion culture.With some classic styles, it can not only help you shape the perfect body lines, but also allow you to get the innovation of this era and show your unique charm.