Sexy underwear test report

Sexy underwear test report

What is sexy underwear detection?

As a popular type of underwear in recent years, more and more people choose to buy and wear.However, what are the materials, processing technology, and environmental protection indicators of sexy underwear. Do we need to worry about the harm that may cause health after use?At this time, sexy underwear detection came into being.Interesting underwear detection is mainly to systematically detect the content of its ingredients, formaldehyde, and other allergenic substances, the number of bacteria, and size tracking to ensure the safety of the sexy underwear.

The general process of sexy underwear detection

The process of sexy underwear detection is roughly divided into the following links: sample collection, sample preparation, experimental testing, data analysis, and all this process must be scientific, rigorous and fair.

Sex underwear material detection

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In terms of materials, sexy underwear has very rigorous regulations to ensure that the material does not stimulate and harm the human body.During the detection of sexy underwear, the stretching, extension, rupture, stuck needle, pinhole, etc. of the material can be tested. These tests can determine whether the sex underwear meets the relevant national standards.

Instead of Inner Freardehyde content detection

Formaldehyde is a toxic and carcinogenic substance, which is commonly used in textile processing and moldproofing agents.The sexy underwear detection department will detect the formaldehyde content of sexy underwear. Once the standard is exceeded, it will evaluate the scope, degree, risk, etc., and formulate corresponding countermeasures for different risk levels.

Sexy underwear environmental protection testing

Environmental protection indicators are also an important aspect of sexy underwear.Interesting underwear testing will test its mildew, antibacterial, new materials, low -carbon, degradable, etc. to ensure that sex underwear does not have too much effect on the environment and meets the requirements of green ecology.

Fun underwear bacterial detection

You may sweat when wearing sex underwear, so sexy underwear detection also needs to test the bacterial reproduction to ensure that the sexy underwear will not breed too much bacteria and microorganisms during use, which threatens human health.

Detection of other issues

Sex underwear detection also needs to test its size tracking, service life, etc. to ensure that the dressing experience and service life of the sexy underwear meet the relevant national standards.


Excellent sexy underwear must be tested strictly

Because sexy underwear has the characteristics of close contact with the human body. Once quality problems occur, it may cause uncomfortable symptoms such as allergies, and it will cause irreversible damage to the body.Therefore, sexy underwear detection is extremely important. Only strict testing can ensure that the safety, environmental protection, performance and other indicators of sexy underwear meet national standards, so that people can wear sexy underwear with peace of mind.

in conclusion

Interest underwear needs to consider multiple aspects during testing, such as materials, environmental protection, health, and durability to eliminate potential safety hazards and improve the quality of sex underwear.Therefore, manufacturers should strengthen the attention of sexy underwear detection, continuously improve the testing techniques and methods to ensure the comfort, quality and safety of sexy underwear.