Sexy underwear tone men’s same text

Sexy underwear tone men's same text

Why do I need to teach the same men’s underwear?

With the progress of society and the opening of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become an important element in people’s sex.For gay couples, the use of sexy underwear can enhance each other’s sexual interest.However, gay sexual behavior is significantly different from the opposite sex in terms of gender role differentiation and sexual behavior preferences.Therefore, for men and couples, it is necessary to learn how to adjust and match sexy underwear.

How to choose the sexy underwear of a male couple?

When choosing a sexy underwear of a male couple, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Good materials, good breathability, high comfort;

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Choose the right size, don’t be too tight or too relaxed;

Color matching should be proper, you can choose different colors in different occasions and different moods;

Select a specific style of sexy underwear based on hobbies and sexual preferences, such as sexy interpretation series, leather series, lace series, etc.

Skills of sexy underwear training men

In order to achieve the best results, in the process of training male couples, the following skills need to be mastered:

Pay attention to the matching of clothing and the coordination of color, which can enhance the sexual interest and emotional chemical response of the two;

Establish a good relationship between psychological communication and mutual trust, so that the effect of sexy underwear can be better displayed;

Master the shooting skills of sexy underwear, you can show the beauty and sexy of yourself and his partner through the lens;

Explore different sex toys and props, and use it to achieve a better sex experience.


Questions that are noticed by sexy underwear tuning men who need to pay attention to

While doing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Don’t force the other party to wear a sexy underwear you don’t like;

When using toys and props, you need to get the consent of the other party and pay attention to the safety of use;

Do not interfere with people who are rude or not good at communication;

Pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of sexy underwear to avoid accidents such as accidents.

The benefits of sexy underwear training men

By training the sexy underwear of men and couples, you can::

Enhance the sexual interest and emotional chemical response of male relatives;

Enhance the relationship between communication and trust;

Exploring more ways of love and novel sex toys and props;

Enhance personal and mutual sexual confidence and charm;

Enjoy richer and exciting sexual life.

Real cases of sexy underwear training men

The following is a case of actual sexy underwear.

Xiaoming and Xiao Gang have been together for two years. In order to increase each other’s interests and sexual interests, they decided to try sexy underwear.They purchased sexy lace sexy underwear online, and paired with stockings and high heels in a timely manner.During the foreplay, Xiaoming took out a sexy shot and recorded his various angles one by one to enhance the mutual attraction of the two.In terms of toys and props, they have also tried a lot, and through matching and creative use, they have made each other’s sexual life more diverse and stimulated.

Precautions and recommendations for sexy underwear training men

While making sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following matters and recommendations:

Choose a sexy underwear store with formal brands and materials to avoid unnecessary quality problems;

Don’t wear excessive sexy sexy underwear in public, so as not to attract unnecessary attention;

When buying sexy underwear, remember to choose a style that suits your body shape and style;

Recommend some classical models and brands, such as Calvin Klein, HOM, etc.


Fun underwear tuning men can not only increase their sexual interests and favorability, but also explore new and stimulating sexual ways.However, when tuning, we need to pay attention to safety and hygiene issues and establish mutual trust relationships.Try some new sex toys and props, and pay attention to the style and matching of sexy underwear, will help enhance the sexy charm and self -confidence of male sympathy.