Sexy underwear Weibo Video Download Installation

Sexy underwear Weibo Video Download Installation

Fun underwear Weibo Video Download Installation Guide

If you like sexy underwear, you may have heard that there are many interesting videos on Weibo.However, Weibo’s videos are not always easy to get and download.In this article, I will provide you with some simple steps to help you download videos of sexy underwear from Weibo.

Step 1: Download Weibo Customer Terminal

Weibo mobile clients, including Android and iOS, are the easiest ways to watch and download videos.To download the Weibo client, just use the mobile app store to search and install it.After installation, you need to register a Weibo account so that you can download and share the video.

Step 2: Find the video and open it

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When you open the Weibo client, slide and browse on the homepage, you will find a lot of erotic underwear videos.Just click the video to start playing it.

Step 3: Copy the video URL

At the bottom of the page, you will see a "Share" button.Click it to select "Copy Link" in the list.This link is a necessary information about downloading videos from Weibo.

Step 4: Open a video download software

Download videos requires a special software because Weibo does not provide direct download options.In the application store, you can find a lot of free and paid video download software, such as "Kuaishou Speed Edition", "Love Editing", "Video Download Artifacts" and so on.Select a video download software you like and install it.

Step 5: Share link

Now, turn on the video download software you just downloaded.Find the "Share" button on the software page and click it.In the sharing list, select "Copy Link" and paste the video URL in Weibo into the download software.

Step 6: Select download quality

At this point, you can choose to download the quality of the video.Usually, you can choose to bid clear, high -definition and ultra -high -definition.Choosing different qualities will affect the sharpness and size of the video.

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Step 7: Click to download

After selecting the quality you want to download, click the "Download" button, and the video will start downloading.The download speed depends on your network connection quality and the size of the video.

Step 8: Waiting for downloading and finishing

Now, you can leave the software and wait for the video to download.After downloading, you can find this video in the "download" folder of the software.

in conclusion

Downloading the sexy underwear on Weibo is not difficult. You only need to follow these simple steps to easily complete.Just copy the video link from Weibo and download it in the download software.You will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of interesting videos about sexy underwear and share with your friends on social media.Enjoy your download journey!