Shanghai 3rd Realm Infusion Underwear Show

Shanghai 3rd Realm Infusion Underwear Show

Shanghai 3rd Realm Intellectual Underwear Show: Breaking through the traditional sexy charm

Shanghai’s 3rd Realm Intellectual Underwear Show has been successfully held, and it is a sexy charm to break through.The theme of finding the most beautiful sexy underwear model in China is added to add more elements to sexy and seductive sexy underwear.Below, let’s take a look at this sexy underwear show.

Sexy underwear materials are noticeable

In this sexy underwear show, we have seen a variety of creative underwear, such as white lace jackets, silver rivets, black tulle and thick plush.These underwear are made of sexy materials, such as lace, yarn and silk.This material fully feels sexy and charm.

Cloudy matching color shows richer underwear shape

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At the same time, in this sexy underwear show, we have also seen many interesting colors and matching.For example, bright yellow and orange underwear, as well as black and white splicing sexy underwear, etc., all show different designs and creativity, making people feel that underwear is not just monotonous black and white tones.

The superb posture shows sexy charm

In the sexy underwear show, the models showed their superb posture.They showed the texture and sexy of the underwear in running and skipping.In addition, many models also show a sexy posture, such as kneeling on the ground, lying on the bed, etc., showing different tones of sexy underwear.

Variable underwear style

In addition to materials and colors, styles are also very important factor.This sexy lingerie show shows a variety of underwear styles, such as tights, suspenders, Gothic, jazz style, etc., which brings a full visual experience to people.

Huge background display

There is also a very important factor on the sexy underwear show this time -a huge background.This background has a very high sense of artistic sense, and it is very good with the model’s underwear style and color of the model, making the entire sex lingerie show more visual aesthetics.

The response of the audience

In this sexy underwear show, the audience was enthusiastic and cheered and applauded. The wonderful performances of the models also impressed them.They found that this exhibition made people realize the beauty of sexy underwear.

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The promotion of culture of sex underwear show

The sexy lingerie show is not only a small show, but also an opportunity to promote cultural development.It provides a big stage for underwear designers that allow their design to be understood and appreciated by more people.

The development trend of sexy underwear

As a fashion culture that focuses on sexy and creative, sexy underwear will definitely develop better in the future.The network can provide more convenience for the promotion of sexy underwear, and at the same time, the rise of the women’s economy is also supporting the development of sexy underwear.

Successful experience of sexy underwear show

The success of this sex lingerie show stems from full market analysis, diversified participants, excellent clothing design, high -quality venues and organizations, and pleasing photography.These factors have laid a solid foundation for the next development of the sex lingerie show.

The cultural value of sexy underwear

With the development of society and people’s continuous pursuit of beauty, sexy underwear has become a very important aspect in fashion trends.More importantly, sexy underwear also has strong cultural value.Sex underwear designers should innovate and contribute more beautiful things to society.


The 3rd Impusual Underwear Show in Shanghai is a very successful activity. It has injected new vitality into the development of sexy underwear.The development prospects of sexy underwear are very broad. We look forward to the higher quality development of sex underwear in the future.