Shanghai sex lingerie delivery employee salary

Shanghai sex lingerie delivery employee salary

1. The issue of sending employees’ salary

Recently, the salary of Shanghai Fun underwear sent employees has attracted widespread attention.Many delivery staff reports that they have worked for a long time, but arrears for several months, making them difficult to maintain their lives.

Analysis of the cause

Before we understand this problem, we need to know the characteristics of sexy underwear delivery staff.Because it involves sensitive areas, the working hours and workplace of sexy underwear sellers are not regular.At the same time, due to industry needs, their work often needs to be carried out late at night.These factors have led to the emergence of wages.

3. Standard for delivery employees

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The salary standard of sexy underwear seller is usually calculated by day by day, working eight hours a day, including basic salary and overtime pay.Generally speaking, basic salary ranges from 50 yuan to 80 yuan per hour, and overtime pay is usually 1.5 times the basic salary.

Fourth, payment method

In most cases, the salary of sexy underwear delivery staff is paid by bank transfer.However, due to the workplace, the delivery staff does not necessarily hold a bank card, which will directly affect their salary payment.

5. Company management issues

Behind wages arrears, it may also be caused by the poor management of the company.Some erotic underwear companies have defects in management, leading to the arrears of wages of some employees.These companies need to strengthen the management and guarantee of employees’ wages.

6. Government supervision role

The government’s salary payment of sexy underwear should also be strengthened.The government can introduce relevant regulations that sex underwear companies must pay employee wages on time and establish corresponding regulatory mechanisms to strengthen supervision of the company.

Seven, the way to defend the right to defend the rights

If the salary of the delivery staff is arrears for a long time, they can protect their rights through legal channels.You can complain to the labor supervision department, or you can protect your legitimate rights and interests by prosecution.


8. Viewpoint

The problem of the salary of sexy underwear delivery employees sounded the alarm for us.The erotic underwear industry needs to start solving this problem and effectively protect employees’ rights.At the same time, the government also needs to introduce relevant policies and measures to strengthen the management and supervision of the industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.