Shanghai’s 3rd Sexy Underwear Show

Shanghai's 3rd Sexy Underwear Show

Background introduction

As a popular fashion category, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention from young people.Today, sexy underwear has more artistic colors and has become a way of expression of personality.As a fashion capital, many sexy underwear exhibitions are held every year, attracting brands and designers from all over the world.This article will be introduced as the grand occasion of Shanghai’s third sex underwear show.

Organizer and cooperative brand

This sex underwear show was hosted by the Shanghai Cultural and Tourism Bureau, attracting 25 personalized emotional fun underwear brands from home and abroad.Among them, the well -known Italian brand Sielle and American brand Victoria’s Secret is the exclusive cooperative brand of this exhibition.In addition, well -known domestic brands such as Victoria’s Milli and Yueweiya also participated in the show.

Theme and device design

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The theme of the sex underwear show this time is "Sensory Night", which mainly creates the sensory experience to the extreme through the stage layout, light layout and installation art.It is amazing that the center of the stage is a 10 -meter -high installation art, consisting of thousands of spiral glass, and shows a colorful effect through light irradiation.The atmosphere of the entire venue is very romantic and emotional. With appropriate music rhythm, people feel unparalleled interesting experience.


At the exhibition site, 25 brands showed their series of sexy lingerie clothing.Victoria’s Secret, as always, use petals and tulle to create their consistent light, feminine and sexy style.Sielle redefines the sexy underwear, showing a series of sexy lingerie works based on modern art.Other domestic brands are also inferior, such as Victoria’s Millia brand, showing the diverse stage clothing design, as well as the bright Lolita style of Lolita.

Model performance

At the exhibition, 200 top models from the world showed various styles of sexy underwear on the stage.This performance is full of theater, and the models staged in turns bring a sexy visual feast.The figure and temperament of the model became the best footnote for showing underwear.In the opening and closing show, the model show won warm applause and cheers in the audience.

fashion trend

Although each brand has its own characteristics, it can be seen that the design of sexy underwear is more simple and popular.At the same time, embroidery and hollow technology are also widely used.Low -key and elegant petals and tulle methods retreated to the secondary position. Deep V -neck and high -cut forks have become the main popular trend of sexy underwear.In addition, the color of underwear is increasingly approaching the dark color system, and the mix and match of lace and different materials is also favored by more brands.

Media report

This sex underwear show has received widespread attention from the media.Mainstream media from all over the world have sent their own reporters to report.Xinhuanet, CCTV, major television stations and foreign fashion media have highly praised this exhibition.On social media, the topic of the exhibition also quickly became popular, which caused widespread discussion among netizens and became another highlight of the sex underwear exhibition.

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Exhibition harvest

The exhibition brands of this exhibition have stated that through this sexy underwear show, they can better show their brand and design concepts, have achieved good publicity results, and also obtained more orders.The success of this exhibition has further promoted the rise of the sexy underwear industry.At the same time, the public’s recognition and acceptance of sexy underwear have gradually increased.The spread of this culture effectively promotes the diversified development of the Chinese underwear market.

Future Outlook

As a fashion product, sexy underwear is no longer just sexy or garbage, but has stronger artistic and fashionable.In the future, we can see that more designers and brands have shined in sexy underwear, creating more and better works, and promoting the continuous upgrading and development of the industry.It is hoped that next year’s sex underwear show will bring us different visual and sensory creativity to us again, so that we look forward to it.


The third sex underwear show in Shanghai is a feast, full of artistic and fashionable elements.Through this exhibition, we have seen the continuous exploration and innovation of sexy underwear in the brand and designers, as well as trying to use different methods to express ourselves.Interest underwear has become a way of cultural symbols and individuality, and it will also bring us more surprises and creativity in the future.