Shaver wearing a sexy underwear

Shaver wearing a sexy underwear

Shaver wearing a sexy underwear

With the rapid development of the sexy underwear industry, more and more women have begun to wear sexy underwear to meet the needs of love and sex.Of course, the premise of wearing sexy underwear is to maintain personal hygiene, and shaving has become a problem that must be paid attention to.Let ’s take a closer look at why we wear sexy underwear to shave.

1. Shavering can keep the private parts clean

Wearing a sexy underwear requires us to expose the private parts. If there is no shaving, hair will prevent sweat from exuding, and there will be sanitary problems such as odor in the long run.Therefore, it is important to keep the body cleaning, and shaving can make us more convenient to clean private parts and reduce the possibility of sweat accumulation.

2. Shavering can make wearing more comfortable

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The comfort of dressing is very important, and shaving can make the private parts smoother, avoiding the non -smooth crotch or friction of underwear and skin, making it more comfortable.

3. Shavering can make people more sexy

In sexy underwear, showing the body is naturally an important link.And shaving can make the private parts smoother and softer, not only refreshing and clean, but also make us look more sexy.

4. Shavering can make sexy underwear better display

Shavering can make sexy underwear better show the original style.The hair will have a shadow, making the lines such as folds blur, and shaving can make the private parts more beautiful, showing a rare beauty.

5. Shavering can reduce the possibility of pregnant women infection

After pregnancy, due to changes in the body, the private parts are more likely to suffer from infection.Especially in unconscious, the presence of hair is more likely to breed bacteria.Therefore, pregnant women must remember shaving before wearing sexy underwear.

6. Shaver need to master skills

Although shaving can ensure hygiene and comfort, shaving requires some professional skills.First, use professional hair removal cream or hair removal to avoid hurting the skin.Secondly, the direction of shaving is best the same as the growth direction of the hair. Do not scrape it against it.Finally, clean with warm water and soap to avoid skin irritation.

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7. Pay attention to the following points if shaving

First of all, be careful not to hurt yourself.Secondly, appropriate moisturizing products should be used to ensure the skin moist.Finally, the shaving is carried out at night to avoid unnecessary embarrassment when going out during the day.

8. How to wear sexy underwear more sexy?

Finally, how to wear sexy underwear more sexy?In addition to shaving, we can also choose the quality and style of sexy underwear.Choosing a style and color that conforms to the personal figure and temperament can more highlight the charm of personal.

Finally, shaving is a basic knowledge wearing sexy underwear.Health and beauty are two aspects. Be sure to start from the entire body, pay attention to hygiene, and ensure the cleaning and comfort of private parts.Let us show the most perfect ourselves when wearing sexy underwear.