Shooting sex underwear in the warehouse dry

Shooting sex underwear in the warehouse dry


Sexy underwear is a fashionable costume that many young people like, and shooting sexy underwear requires certain skills and experience.Recently, I was fortunate to participate in the experience of shooting sexy underwear in the warehouse. Let me share my experience with you below.

Choose the right environment

It is very important to choose the environment of shooting sexy underwear and require a certain amount of privacy.Shooting in the warehouse can avoid the interference of outsiders, and also add some stimuli and interest.However, it should be noted that it is necessary to ensure safety and hygiene to avoid too dirty.

Prepare photography equipment

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It is also important to choose the right photography equipment when shooting sexy underwear.You need to choose a digital camera with higher pixels to ensure the clarity and details of the photo.In addition, it is necessary to use the appropriate lens and lighting equipment to adjust the mild color saturation of the light and the environment.

Choose the right sexy underwear

There are many different styles and styles of sexy underwear.When shooting in the warehouse, you must choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to the scene and the temperament of the model.For example, choosing dark underwear such as black, purple or red can increase some mystery and sexy degree.

Formulate shooting plan

Before shooting, a detailed plan and timetable need to be developed.According to the style of sexy underwear and the temperament of the model, each shooting scene and posture are determined to ensure that the effect is better and natural.You also need to determine the props and shooting angles.

Communication with models

In communication with models, pay attention to respecting and protecting the privacy and rights of models.Inform the specific content and requirements of the shooting in advance to confirm her wishes and personal preferences.Keep good communication and cooperation during shooting to make the models feel relaxed and comfortable.

Grasp the rhythm of shooting

When shooting sexy underwear, it is very important to grasp the rhythm of shooting, so that the models must be natural and comfortable.Be careful not to pursue the effect too much and cause mental and physical fatigue.You can rest and drink water appropriately to maintain a good posture and state.

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Reflecting late effect

After the shooting, the photo needs to be modified and later processed to make the photo better and natural.You can adjust the light, color, clarity, and details, so that the photo is more in line with the style of the model and the style of the sexy underwear.

Pay attention to confidentiality and privacy

When shooting sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to confidentiality and privacy.Do not leak photos to unauthorized persons to avoid unnecessary trouble and impact on models.You can store and transmit photos in a encrypted and secure manner.

in conclusion

To shoot sexy underwear requires certain skills and experience, you need to choose the right environment and photography equipment, choose the right sexy underwear, formulate a shooting plan and timetable, and communicate with the model with full communication.When shooting, grasp the rhythm and perform post -period modification to avoid leaking photos and the privacy of the model.Only in this way can the sexy underwear more brilliant and better show fashion and beauty.