Shoulder strap sliding and failed underwear

Shoulder strap sliding and failed underwear

Why should the shoulder strap slip

Sliding shoulder straps is a problem that many women often encounter when wearing fun underwear.This may be caused by different sizes or physical forms with poor shoulder straps.

Choose the right size

First of all, it is important to choose the right size.If you choose too much size, the shoulder strap will slip, and underwear may not provide sufficient support in the correct position.Use the correct measurement method to determine your size or consult the professional.

Adjust the shoulder strap length

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Adjusting the length of the shoulder strap may solve your problem.If your shoulder strap is too long, the underwear will not be able to provide sufficient support for the breast.If it is too short, it may not be comfortable enough.Adjusting the length of the shoulder strap can ensure that the underwear is close to the body and provides sufficient support under the breast.

Method of wear

The correct way to wear is also important.If your shoulder straps are not completely flattened when wearing, they may slip off.Make sure the position of the shoulder strap is correct and cover it flat on the shoulder.


The problem of gliding shoulder straps may be related to the material used in underwear.If the material used in the underwear is too smooth or too smooth, the shoulder strap may slip.Choosing a more rough underwear will increase the friction of the shoulder strap on the shoulder, thereby reducing the possibility of slippery shoulder straps.

Shoulder strap design

Another problem is the design of the shoulder straps. The poor design of the shoulder strap will make the underwear unable to provide sufficient support in the correct position.Some shoulder straps are too thin to bear the weight of the breast.Other shoulder straps may be too wide, causing friction and discomfort.It is important to find the shoulder strap design suitable for your body type and needs.

Use underwear alternately

You may also need to use underwear alternately.Wear the same underwear for a long time to wear them and relax the fiber, which may cause the shoulder strap to slip.In turns use underwear can make them more durable.


Wash correctly

Incorrect washing is also one of the reasons for the slippery of the shoulder straps.The stirring and friction in the washing machine may damage the shoulder strap fiber and make them relax.The best choice is to wash the underwear in hand, fully apply the washing solution and gently rub it.

Brand selection

Finally, choose the sexy underwear of a well -known brand.These brands can usually provide higher -quality products, their internal research and development and testing can ensure suitable shoulder straps, as well as high durability and comfort.Comparing different brands of products, make sure you choose your underwear that suits you.

in conclusion

Therefore, the problem of slippery shoulder straps is often encountered during sexy lingerie wearing.Selecting size, shoulder strap regulation, wearing method, material, shoulder strap design, alternating underwear and correct washing are the methods to solve the problem of shoulder straps.Choosing a high -quality brand underwear is another way to ensure that you wear comfortable, supportive and not slipping at all.