Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear show

Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear show

Shu Qi is out of version sexy underwear show

In the sexy underwear industry, Shu Qi can be called a legend.All kinds of sexy lingerie styles she worn on her body are dizzying.And her main charm is the self -confidence and sexy expression when wearing.Below, let’s take a look at Shu Qi’s out -of -version sexy underwear show to appreciate the charm of this goddess.

Tibetan sexy underwear

In this set of suspenders, we can see a strong sexy atmosphere.The black and lace texture carefully matched by the designer makes this sexy underwear look tempting no matter from which angle.And Shu Qi’s sexy figure line made this set of sexy underwear perfectly.

Metal feelings fun underwear

Floral Lace Lingerie Set – 15877

Wearing this set of metal texture underwear, like wearing an armor, brings a strong feeling, and also shows the exquisite posture of women.Shu Qi wore this set of sexy underwear, showing domineering and sexy.

Messy in the shell

The design of this messy and messy underwear is inspired by the Japanese style, which shows a kind of sullen mystery and sexy.The red and black lines make the whole sexy underwear very hot.And Shu Qi’s perfect figure made this set of sexy underwear more displayed.

Feather emotional fun underwear

The highlight of this set of sexy underwear is the carefully matched feathers, making the whole set of sexy underwear look lighter.At the same time, these feathers can also add some soft temperament to sexy underwear.Shu Qi’s figure and smile make this sexy underwear more charming.

Discover sexy sexy underwear

This set of sexy sexy underwear uses the combination of nude and black to show Shu Qi’s perfect skin and lines.The designer cleverly gave the combination of some fabrics and transparent grids to this unique charm of the sexy underwear.

Color sexy underwear

Shu Qi is wearing a colorful sexy underwear. This set of sexy underwear is paired with red, black, pink and green, making the whole erotic underwear full of vitality and vitality.At the same time, some elements of small flowers and butterflies are also combined in design, which is more cute.


Shining erotic underwear

This set of shiny erotic underwear mainly uses gold and silver, making the whole set of sexy underwear look very luxurious.The beads and sequins on Shu Qi made the whole sexy underwear more dazzling.This set of fun underwear is suitable for attending important occasions at night, making you the brightest one.

Leather feelings fun underwear

This set of leather emotional lingerie is similar to the design of the metal emotional affection, but the material is leather.This change in detail makes this set of sexy underwear more sexy and wild.After putting it on, Shu Qi even carried forward the sexy atmosphere of this sexy underwear to the extreme.

Suitable for all women’s sexy underwear

Although Shu Qi’s sexy underwear is very sexy and tempting, these sexy underwear is not necessarily suitable for all women.Each woman has her own figure and preferences, so when buying sexy underwear, you need to make a choice according to your actual situation.No matter what kind of sexy underwear, self -confidence and comfort are the most important.


Shu Qi’s out -of -version sexy underwear show shows us different styles of sexy lingerie styles, showing different female charm.When choosing a sexy underwear, you don’t have to blindly pursue sexy and temptation.More importantly, choose a style that suits you to show self -confidence and beauty.