Slave erotic underwear novels

Slave erotic underwear novels

Chapter 1 -The Story of Slave

The beautiful slave Lily delivered meals to the hotel guests in a luxury hotel in Miami. She wore a sexy and seductive erotic underwear.Her boss told her to provide first -class services to the guests, and her task was to make the guests feel very comfortable and satisfied.

Chapter 2 -Guests’ needs

Entering the guest’s room, Lily found the guest was waiting for her.The guests were curious about her sexy underwear and asked her if she could show it.Lily paced calmly in front of the guests to show her perfect figure.

Chapter III -Guests of Guests

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The guests like Lily’s sexy underwear, and he asked Lily to take off her costumes.Lili resisted, she was just a slave and should not be insulted or disappointed.But the attitude of the guests became worse and worse, and even began to threaten Lily’s work and income.

Chapter 4 -Lily’s choice

As a slave, Lily knew her status and occupational restrictions.She understands that if she does not do it according to the customer’s requirements, her work and livelihood will be threatened.In the end, she chose to obey the guests.

Chapter 5 -Moral Dilemma

Lily did not expect that she would face this moral dilemma, and she was very frustrated and distressed.As a slave, she should provide a comfortable and pleasant service for guests, but she should not receive disrespect and inappropriate requirements.

Chapter 6 -The rights and dignity of slaves

As a slave, Lily has her rights and dignity.Even if she serves guests, she should be respected and reasonable.Although she had to obey the guest’s requirements at work, she should also protect her rights and interests in a rational way.

Chapter 7 -Industry Standards

Interest underwear is a professional industry that needs to abide by the industry’s norms and standards.From employers and employees to customers, everyone needs to abide by some basic moral standards and behavioral norms.Only in this way can this industry maintain healthy and sustainable development.

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Chapter 8 -Protection and Dignity

If you encounter inappropriate requirements and disrespectful treatment, slaves should protect their work and dignity, rather than blind obedience.They can solve contradictions and problems by communicating with employers or seeking legal aid.

Chapter 9 -Social Responsibility

In addition to the responsibility of employers and employees, society should also bear certain responsibilities.This industry needs to supervise and manage this industry to protect the rights and dignity of slavery.At the same time, it is necessary to promote and advocate a healthy and civilized consumption concept to make the public understand and use sexy underwear correctly.

Chapter 10 -Conclusion

As a special industry, the employees and consumers of sexy underwear should have certain morality and behavioral norms.Slave should protect their rights and dignity rationally and decisively, and society should also give enough supervision and management.