Sneak shot of sexy underwear you just bought

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When buying sexy underwear, we must pay attention to protecting personal privacy.However, some bad businesses may use sneak shots and other means to violate.This article will introduce how to prevent and cope with the just -bought sexy underwear.

Facing the spy to protect your privacy

First, when you buy sexy underwear, you should choose a reliable merchant.When shopping, try to choose large malls or brand official websites to buy, so that it can avoid bad businesses from using sneak shots to a certain extent.Of course, if you buy in a physical store, you must pay attention to whether there are suspicious persons around, try not to let others see you buy sexy underwear.

Check the integrity of the clothing and give timely feedback

When you receive a sexy underwear, check the integrity of the clothes as soon as possible.If you find any abnormalities, contact the merchant feedback in time.If the merchant does not give a reasonable solution, you can expose and complain through complaint platforms or social media to protect their rights and interests.

Protect the privacy of the room and avoid being peeped

When you wear sexy underwear at home, you need to protect your privacy.First of all, we must ensure the safety of the room and turn off the curtains and doors and windows.In addition, if there are suspicious persons or equipment, they must call the police in time.

Don’t take pictures or shoot at will

Don’t take pictures or shoot at will when you use your mobile phone or camera.Do not store fun underwear in your mobile phone.This will only increase the possibility of being sneaky and violating.If you need to take pictures or shooting, you should also pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid being treated as much as possible.

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Due to the use of sexy underwear, it is recommended to replace it regularly.This can not only maintain hygiene and health, but also avoid the quality of sexual underwear for too long and damage the quality.At the same time, when changing sexy underwear, pay attention to protecting personal privacy and clean up the old sexy underwear.

Timely discover and cope with sneak shots

If you suspect that your erotic underwear is spy or sneak, you should find and deal with this situation in time.Software can be used to check and protect candid software, such as P-SCAN, Camera Blocker and other software.In addition, you can report and complain to relevant departments to safeguard your privacy rights.

Pay attention to sexy lingerie materials

When buying sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to sexy and beautiful, but also pay attention to the choice of material.Some inferior materials may cause harm to your health and even affect the quality of sexual life.It is recommended to choose a professional sexy underwear brand or choose a business with quality assurance for purchases.


In short, when buying and using sexy underwear, we need to protect our privacy and avoid being photographed and violated.Choose a credible merchant, check the integrity of clothing, protect the privacy of the room, do not shoot or take pictures at will, replace sex underwear regularly, discover and cope with sneak shots in time, and pay attention to sexy lingerie materials. These are effective methods to protect their privacy.

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