Star Figure Sex Plagium

Star Figure Sex Plagium


The styles of sexy underwear are rich and diverse, and the stars are popular in the love underwear.The design of the star pattern can bring a cute, low -key color to the wearer, and at the same time, it also emits a unique sexy atmosphere.


The style of the stars is very rich in the style of sexy underwear, including branches, night skirts, sex jumpsuits and other types.

Material selection:

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The selection of the material of the stars’ sexy underwear is very important, including cotton, red silk, silk, lace and so on.It is critical to choose the material according to personal preferences and comfort.

color match:

The color of the stars’ sexy underwear is also very important. Black, white, pink, blue, red and other colors are common, and different colors can create different temperament.

suitable occasion:

There are many suitable occasions for the drag of the stars. It can be a family daily, romantic dating, candlelight dinner, Valentine’s Day, etc. It can create different effects.

Matching skills:

The combination of the stars’ sexy underwear can be the same color or contrast. The key is to pay attention to the overall coordination.It can also be added on the cake with the right shoes and socks and accessories.

Size selection:

The selection of the stars’ sexy underwear is very important. You must choose the appropriate size according to your specific situation, otherwise it will affect the entire wear effect.

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The stars’ pictures need to be washed by hand, and they cannot be washed with a washing machine, and they cannot be washed with hot water.Choose a mild detergent when washing, and you need to place it in the ventilation place for drying after drying.

Advantages and lack:

The advantages of the stars’ sexy underwear are unique shapes, convenient matching, and high comfort.The deficiencies may be easy to provoke strange vision, style is not suitable for some occasions, and so on.


In summary, the stars’ patterns love underwear is a very distinctive sexy underwear. If you choose the appropriate style, material, size, matching, occasion, etc., the personal charm of the wearer will double and exude a unique sexy atmosphere.