Stars who love to wear sex underwear

Stars who love to wear sex underwear

Stars who love to wear sex underwear

1. Justin Bieber

According to reports, the popular singer loves to wear sexy underwear in private places.He likes sexy, perspective and implied character. He often chooses sexy underwear with lace and stockings.

2. Rihanna

As a representative of the pop singer, Rihanna has always been a symbol of fashion and personality.She likes innovation and creative sexy underwear. She often chooses strange appearance and complex styles, such as sexy underwear with leather and metal decoration.

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3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is famous for its bold and sexy clothing choices in the stars.She often puts on her hand -made sexy underwear, often choosing a style with exaggerated elements, and pays attention to the effect of the occasion.

4. Katy Perry

The popular singer often wore colorful sexy underwear during performance.Her underwear style is very diverse, from the sweet style with animal patterns to sexy styles with lace.

5. Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a representative of sexy and elegant.Her sexy underwear is very diverse, from simple styles to noble design.

6. Kim Kardashian

This lady and model are one of the spokespersons of sexy underwear manufacturers.She likes sexy and exposed designs, and usually chooses a style of tight -fitting and hip hips.

7. DITA VON Teese

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As a Hollywood dancer and sexy underwear designer, Dita Von Teese is the representative of the sexy underwear culture.She likes retro and elegant styles, and usually choose designs with high waist, lace and tulle elements.

8. Madonna

This popular queen is one of the pioneers of sexy underwear.She likes the design of flowers and jewelry on her chest, as well as complex artificial leather and metal decoration.

9. nicki minaj

The rapper and actor like to reflect the dynamic and wild design.She often chooses strange shapes and colors, such as sexy underwear with spots and fluorescent elements.

10. Gigi Hadid

As an international supermodel, Gigi Hadid is the spokesperson for many fashion brands.Her erotic underwear is very simple and simple, and usually chooses a pattern and solid style.


The diversity and uniqueness of the above stars in the selection of sexy underwear reflects the impact and importance of sexy underwear on fashion and culture.And we should also choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for ourselves according to our taste and temperament, and experience freedom, confidence and sexy.