Stepping on sexy sheets

Stepping on sexy sheets

A criminal specializing in stolen sex underwear

Recently, a criminal has frequently appeared in the city and stealing sex underwear.Such an incident caused a sensation in the local area.As an expert in erotic underwear, I will share some of your useful suggestions for the protection of sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear protection recommendations

Here are a few simple sexy underwear protection suggestions to ensure that your sexy underwear will not be infringed by thieves:

Buy safe and storage boxes

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If your sexy underwear is high, it is best to put them in the safe or storage box.This can protect them from being stolen and ensure that they are safe.

Avoid placing sexy underwear in obvious visible places

Putting sex underwear in obvious places, such as bedrooms or locker rooms, can easily attract the attention of thieves, thereby increasing the risk of being stolen.Therefore, it is best to put them in a hidden place.

Installation safety system

Installing the protected security system can not only help protect sexy underwear, but also protect other valuables.If sexy underwear is a treasure of your collection, installing a camera can help you find that the actions are not track in time.

Regular cleanup and maintenance of sexy underwear

Regular cleanup and maintenance of sexy underwear can ensure that its appearance and protection effect are not affected.Make sure your interesting underwear is stored in a dry and clean environment and avoid exposing it in the sun.

purchase insurance

For those who have high -value sexy underwear, buying insurance is another way to protect themselves.If the sexy underwear is stolen, you can get financial compensation through insurance claims.

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Seek help

If you are worried about the stolen affection underwear, you can seek help from family members, neighbors and police departments.Mutual assistance between neighbors can improve alertness and prevent the occurrence of stealing into the room.

Only buy a guaranteed sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose a guaranteed brand and merchant.These brands and merchants usually provide a certain guarantee to ensure that your sexy underwear is reliable.

Avoid sharing sexy underwear photos on social media

Enjoying sexy underwear on social media will not only reduce your privacy level, but also give those who have no conscience to threaten your erotic underwear.Therefore, it is best not to share these photos on the Internet.


These suggestions for protecting sexy underwear are not only suitable for avoiding theft, but also help to protect your privacy.Be cautious and careful when you buy and protect sexy underwear to ensure that they are safe and protected. This is a healthy lifestyle that each of us adheres to.