Strange buyer shows sexy underwear

Strange buyer shows sexy underwear

Strange buyer shows sexy underwear

As an expert in sexy underwear, I have to handle orders and consultations of many buyers every day.Some buyers will worry about size, material or style, but some buyers have very strange ideas and behaviors.

Sexual emotion wrapped in plush toys fun underwear

On one occasion, a buyer said in a message that she wanted a picture of a plush toy to wear a sexy and sexy lingerie.I was shocked at the time, but I still try to solve her the problem.In the end, she posted a photo and said that she was very satisfied.Although I understand that everyone’s preferences are different, the idea of this buyer makes me feel a little weird.

Buyers who are required to take masturbation photos

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Another time, a buyer is very insulted to ask me more photos.When I refused, he began to ask me to find a model to take a photo of masturbation.Although I immediately included the buyer in the blacklist, his behavior was still outrageous.

Buyers who refuse to accept advice

Some other buyers hint that their dissatisfied erotic lingerie styles excited their partners.Although I can persuade them to choose their own underwear, some buyers still insist on buying the "strange" style they think.Although this is their own choice, I still have to be responsible for providing professional advice.

Very picky buyer

There are also some buyers very picky, asking about underwear about underwear over and over again.They can inquire about each detail, including color, material, size and design.Although these buyers may be out of their own needs, this is also my most headache customer.

Xiaobai asked too much buyer

In addition, there is a type of buyer who is Xiaobai. They may know very little about sex and sexy underwear, and they need to explain product knowledge patiently like their teachers.Although these buyers need more time and energy, I will still solve their problems as much as possible and provide them with professional advice.

Anti -Chinese sexy underwear collectors

In addition to strange buyers, there is also a very special buyer who is a color collector in sex underwear.They like to collect some rare sexy lingerie styles, even some antique underwear.For these buyers, I usually provide them with some collection suggestions and recommend some rare sexy lingerie styles.

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Buyers who care about the details of private parts

There are also some buyers who care about the details of the private parts on the dangerous parts, including the design of the open crotch and the details of the bridge section.Although these details are important for some underwear styles, these buyers may miss other more important factors because they are too concerned about these details.

Buy buyers who only buy one underwear

There are also some buyers who only buy one underwear on the website, and then buy another underwear after returning.Although this may show the rigorous requirements and discerning of these buyers for underwear styles, it also brings a certain time and economic costs.

Male buyer recommended by sexy underwear

Finally, I have to talk about male buyers.Although men have their unique needs and views when buying sexy underwear, many male buyers are still not sure how to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.As a sexual underwear expert, I will always provide them with some appropriate sexy lingerie styles and purchase suggestions.

in conclusion

Although I may be helpless when facing strange buyers, as a sexual underwear expert, I must try my best to provide the best services and suggestions for each customer.Whether it is strange or ordinary buyers, I hope that with my help, they can find the sexy underwear that suits them best.