Interest underwear is not only a clothing, it can also become a artwork.In all types of sexy underwear, striped and sexy underwear is considered a classic.Below we will learn more about this underwear.

Origin of striped and sexy underwear

Striped sexy underwear originally originated in France in the early 20th century.At that time, it was mainly a kind of spring and summer clothing.This underwear can give people a sense of light, and successfully combines French subtropical style with European fashion.

Different types of striped underwear

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There are multiple types of striped and sexy underwear.Their design and style can adapt to various occasions and people of different body types.Some customized striped underwear can also meet our various needs.

Classic black and white stripe design

Black and white stripes are considered one of the classic design of striped underwear.This design is very concise and clear, suitable for wearing in various environments.It can be used for private moments or clothing in public.

Colorful striped underwear

In the bright season, colorful striped underwear is very suitable for wearing.Some lines of soft lines are especially suitable for women with more curved bodies, allowing them to generously show their bodies.

The difference between horizontal stripes and vertical stripes

The effect of horizontal stripes and vertical stripes is completely different.Vertical stripes can bring a long sense of figure and make people look slender.The horizontal stripes will emphasize the body of obesity, so you must choose cautiously.

Sexy charm of red and white striped underwear

Red and white striped underwear is usually associated with love and romance, and this is because they are a very sexy color combination.The charm brought by this underwear design is enough to attract people’s attention.


Striped underwear wearing skills

You need some skills to wear striped and sexy underwear.If you plan to wear it in public, it is best to match some simple items.At the same time, pay attention to the size of the underwear to ensure comfort and appropriateness.

Cleaning method of striped underwear

Each exquisite striped underwear needs to be properly protected.Washing of underwear requires a mild detergent and washed at low temperature.Avoid using a dryer, dry it by hand.


Striped and sexy underwear is a classic and beautiful artwork.No matter your body shape and skin color, you can find a style that suits you.From classic black and white stripes to colorful design, from vertical stripes to horizontal stripes, this underwear provides unlimited choices for everyone.