Style is not delicious and sexy underwear

Style is not delicious and sexy underwear

Style is not delicious and sexy underwear

For most women, there is often a problem that troubles them, that is, the physical problem.Not everyone has a perfect figure, but everyone wants to have a better attitude and a beautiful image.And sexy underwear has become a good way to solve the body problem.In this article, I will introduce to you how to choose and wear sexy underwear suitable for your body, and how to maintain your figure in daily life.

1. Understand your figure

Before choosing a sexy underwear that suits us, we need to understand our figure first.Different figures need different ways to wear, so you can understand your own figure before buying sexy underwear.

2. Three -point measurement method

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In order to better understand our body, we can use three -point measurement method.Use a soft ruler to measure your bust, waist and hips, and record it, which can help us choose more accurate sexy underwear.

3. Choose the right style

It is important to choose a sexy lingerie style suitable for your own shape.If your waist is thick, you can choose high -waisted underwear, which can play a good role in modifying.If your chest is relatively small, you can choose a sexy underwear with lace or lace, which can play a role in filling.

4. Selection of color

Colors are also important.Light and dark sexy underwear will have a significant difference in visual.If you want to reduce the shortcomings visually, you can choose the dark tone.If you want to highlight your body and bright spots, you can choose bright and light colors, which can have a good visual impression.

5. Modify body shape

Sexy underwear can make your body more perfect by modifying the shape.If your waist is relatively thick, you can choose a sexy underwear with a waist, which can have a better shaping effect.If you want to strengthen your chest, you can choose a bra with a cushion to create a more charming and seductive curve.

6. Don’t excess

When choosing sexy underwear, don’t choose too much, don’t choose too tight styles, so that it will be very uncomfortable in dressing.You only need to choose a size and style that suits your body, so that your body shows your beauty in a comfortable state.

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7. Sports and balanced diet

Choosing the right erotic underwear, in addition to making you more sexy and more beautiful, you also need to cooperate with a healthy diet and exercise.Maintaining a healthy physical condition is to make you truly charming.

8. Summary

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is not to show in front of others, but to better show yourself.Choosing a suitable sex underwear that is suitable for you can make yourself more confident and more beautiful.Using the above techniques, we can choose and wear sexy underwear suitable for our figure, and try to maintain a healthy physical and mental state to make ourselves more beautiful.