Sucking breasts across sex underwear

Sucking breasts across sex underwear

Sucking breasts across sex underwear

There are many sexy underwear, and women’s breast suction and sexy underwear are very popular.They not only have sexy charm, but also deeply stimulate the nipples to bring infinite pleasure.This article will combine their own experience to introduce readers to sucking through sexy underwear.

Choose the appropriate material underwear

First of all, we need to choose the sexy lingerie of the appropriate material.Under normal circumstances, the materials used in underwear are mainly divided into three types: silk, cotton and lace.For the demand for breastfeeding, lace is the most suitable.Because the lace is soft and close, the stimulation of the skin will not be too great.

Choose a suitable size underwear

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In addition to materials, the choice of size is also critical.Wearing a suitable sexy underwear can fully show sexy charm and more comfortable.If the underwear size is too large or too small, it will continue to slip or squeeze the breasts to affect the breastfeeding experience.

You should choose the appropriate design underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, don’t pursue too much fashion trend, you should consider practicality.The design of breast -absorbing and sexy underwear should be used as the main consideration.For example, the front part of the underwear should be open to design, so that it is convenient to suck milk.

The right position is a necessary condition for breast suction

Choose a good underwear, and you need to choose a suitable position next.When sucking breastfeeding, the lying position taken by pregnant women is the best position. This is because this posture can make the breasts easier to droop and areola easily.In addition, women can try to gently use their hands to gently go down their underwear so that men can suck their nipples.

Pay attention to hygiene

Before sucking milk, pay attention to hygiene.There are many bacteria in men or women. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it will easily lead to diseases such as mastitis.In addition, if both sides have not conducted a sex disease examination, it is recommended to use condoms to prevent disease transmission.

Keep a relaxed state

Some women’s breasts are more sensitive, and they feel strong in sucking their nipples.Therefore, women should keep a relaxed state and don’t be too nervous.Proper massage and adjustment can be used to relieve tension.Men should understand her feelings and her needs through communication with women.


Don’t over -irritate the nipples

Although the nipples are very sensitive parts, excessive stimulation of the nipples will bring side effects.For a long time, the nipples are too stimulated, which may even cause the nipple deformation or pain, which has adverse effects on health.Therefore, in the process of breast suction, both sides must maintain moderate strength to prevent excessive stimulation.

Pay attention to the cleaning of the nipple

In fact, the skin at the bottom of the nipple does not have too many sweat glands and capillaries, and lacks the ability to self -clean.If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, the nipples will be infected with bacteria, causing various diseases.Therefore, before breast suction, keep the nipple cleaning and hygiene, and use water or professional nipple cleaning products to clean.


The improvement of breast suction and sexy underwear is significant to the sex life. The two sides must respect each other and enjoy hygiene and health while enjoying the pleasure.Of course, breast suction and sexy underwear are just a way to live in fun. Everyone can choose a way to choose a suitable sex life according to their preferences.