Super size sex underwear show

Super size sex underwear show

Super size sex underwear show

With the continuous progress of the times, people’s aesthetic concepts are also changing, especially in the field of sexy underwear.And oversized sexy underwear is also an increasingly concerned topic in recent years.Next, this article will in -depth discussions on the type and purchase skills of oversized color underwear.

1. What is a large size sexy underwear

Ultra -size sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear designed and manufactured for women with large size needs.The size of these underwear not only covers the large size of traditional underwear, but also takes into account the sexy needs of women, and has a certain visual impact.

2. Types of oversized sexy underwear

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1. body sculpture

In the oversized sexy underwear, the body shaping type belongs to the most common one. It is mainly suitable for some large -size women with unconventional figures, which can play a role in self -cultivation.

2. Elastic type

Elasticity is a kind of sexy underwear that takes into account visual and comfortable. Its elasticity is large, and it will not feel depressed during the dressing process. It is suitable for women with slightly fat bodies.

3. Perspective

Performance erotic underwear mainly emphasizes the effect of perspective, which can exude the sexy charm of women, suitable for women with slim figures.

4. Lace type

Lace -type sexy underwear can be said to be one of the classic types of sexy underwear. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a certain sexy atmosphere, suitable for women with slender figure.

Third, the choice of oversized sexy underwear


1. Size selection

When buying oversized sexy underwear, the choice of size is the top priority.It is recommended to measure the body size and then choose to choose with your own needs. Be careful not to compromise your own needs too much.

2. Fabric selection

The comfort and breathing performance of the oversized orientation underwear directly related to the comfort of dressing. It is recommended to choose fabrics with soft skin and breathable performance to avoid adverse reactions to the skin.

3. Brand selection

Among the many oversized sex lingerie brands, it is recommended to choose brands with strength and reputation to buy, and do not blindly pursue low price products.

Fourth, the matching of super -size sexy underwear

The matching of oversized sexy underwear is very particular.Most of the sexy underwear is suitable for matching with various pants and skirt types. It is recommended to choose the matching style of style and color to increase the aesthetics of the overall matching.

Five, oversized sexy underwear maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of the oversized and sexy underwear are the same as other underwear. You need to choose a professional cleaning agent for processing. Pay attention to the washing process to avoid rubbing with hard objects and avoid damage.

6. Precautions for wearing of over -size sexy underwear

When wearing a large -size sexy underwear, be careful not to be too tight, so as not to occur and damage.In addition, pay special attention to whether scratches occur in the corners of the underwear to avoid skin irritation.

7. Over large size sex underwear trends outlook

With the depth and extensiveness of the public’s perception of sex, the demand for oversized sexy underwear should be higher and higher, and related brands and manufacturers will continue to be new according to market demand, and launch more new styles of oversized size.Interest underwear.

Eight, the final point of view

The demand for oversized sexy underwear is getting higher and higher. Related products not only take into account the basic underwear attributes, but also take into account the sexy needs of women.When buying, choose a brand, size and fabric that suits you, and also pay attention to the maintenance and wearing precautions of underwear.