Supermodel Wetwear catwood catwalk video


Interest underwear has always been a good heart of women, and it can make women more confident and sexy.Recently, a supermodeling underwear runway has caused a sensation worldwide and has become a clear stream of the sex underwear industry.

Introduction to the competition

The supermodel Wally Lingerie runway is a global sexy underwear show, which attracts super models from different countries, different skin colors, and different figures to participate.The characteristic of the competition is that it not only pays attention to external aesthetics, but also pays more attention to inner self -confidence and sexy charm.


Participants are well -known super models from all over the world. They have professional makeup, catwalks and styling skills.Moreover, each of them has different figures and temperaments, which also makes the entire game more vivid and interesting.


During the competition, the contestants need to design a sexy lingerie style to show their talents and personality characteristics.During the catwalk, they need to fully show their self -confidence and sexy charm and show their best aspects to judges and audiences.


The jury is composed of well -known fashion designers, photographers, model agents, sexy lingerie brands and other professionals at home and abroad.They will select the best contestants from the aspects of the sexy underwear design, show performance, temperament and other aspects of the contestants.


There are multiple awards in the competition, such as the best sexy underwear design award, the best show performance award, the best body award, etc. to recognize the talents and efforts of the contestants.In addition, there is a championship reward to allow the contestants to have more motivation and enthusiasm to participate in the competition.

Highlight of the contest

This competition not only participated in well -known super models from various countries, but also invited many celebrity guests to serve as judges or assistants, adding a lot of atmosphere to the competition.In addition, the competition also specially invited some fashion designers and brand representatives to come to watch on the spot to provide more opportunities for showing and exchanges for the contestants.

Play video

The game video was popular on the Internet, attracting countless audiences and fans.In the video, the contestants fully show their confidence and sexy, and the wonderful catwalk performance is also dazzling.The spread of the game video also allows more people to understand the charm and meaning of sexy underwear.


The supermodel Wetwear runway is a milestone competition. It has set an example and benchmark for the sex underwear industry.Looking forward to the future, more sexy underwear brands and designers can launch more beautiful and design -free sexy underwear, so that women can feel more confidence and sexy while wearing sexy underwear.

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