Taiwanese sexy underwear star

Introduction to Taiwanese sexy underwear stars

Taiwan is a very interesting underwear atmosphere, especially Taipei.In Taiwan, there are many sexy lingerie brands and celebrities. Their clothing design is very good, leading fashion and trend.Here are some Taiwanese sexy underwear stars worth mentioning.

Zhou Ziyu

Zhou Ziyu is a young and dynamic star. She is a member of the TWICE Orchestra.She often appears in the advertisement of sexy underwear brands in Taiwan, and often participates in the fashion shows of sex underwear brands.

Chen Yirong

Chen Yirong is a designer of Taiwan’s sexy underwear, and her own brand "LURELURE" is also very popular.The sexy underwear she designed is very unique and sexy, and pays attention to details and materials.Her design style also brings a brand new side and is loved by consumers.

Li Jiaxin

Li Jiaxin is a famous sexy underwear fashion model. He often catches the show on many sexy underwear brands.She maintains a perfect figure and a healthy lifestyle, showing the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.


Sherry is also a very famous sexy underwear designer. Her "Secrets in LACE" brand is also loved by customers.Her design style is very fused with retro and modern elements, full of artistic sense and fashion.

Cai Yilin

Jolin Tsai is a versatile artist. Her singing career is very successful. At the same time, she is also a sexy underwear model.She shoots advertisements for many sexy lingerie brands and shows new sexy underwear on the fashion show.

Liu Yihao

Liu Yihao is a popular actor and sexy underwear model. He can see him in the advertisements of many sexy lingerie brands.He not only has a handsome appearance, but also has excellent dance skills and talents.

Mana Sheng

Man Jiasheng is a very talented sexy underwear designer, and his brand "Winnie Loo" is also all the rage.His design is full of exquisite details and elements of joy, and integrates sexy and cute sexy underwear.

Sheng Yizhou

Sheng Yizhou is a rare male sexy underwear model. His appearance is handsome and fit.He filmed advertisements for many sexy underwear brands and showed the fashionable charm of sexy underwear on the fashion show.


Ma Zuli is a very popular sexy underwear model. She exudes national style and exotic charm.She filmed advertisements for many sexy underwear brands and showed the fun and fashion of sexy underwear on the fashion show.


Taiwan’s sexy underwear stars are important representatives of sexy underwear fashion. Their excellent performance and unique design style show the charm of sexy underwear to the fullest. They continue to promote the development and innovation of the sexy underwear industry.

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