Taobao buy underwear for sex underwear

1. You need to understand your body size before buying underwear

Before buying underwear on Taobao, you must first understand the size of your body.Measuring the size of the bust, lower circumference, waist, and hip circumference, choosing the appropriate size can make the underwear more comfortable and better present the figure.

2. Determine your own needs and preferences

There are various styles and styles of underwear on Taobao, such as sports, clustering, adjustment, marks, etc., in addition, there are various colors, patterns, and detail decoration.Before buying, you need to determine your needs and preferences, and choose the style and style that suits you.

3. The quality of underwear on Taobao is not necessarily poor

Many people think that the quality of underwear on Taobao is not as good as the underwear of physical stores, but in fact, it can also buy underwear with excellent quality and reliable quality on Taobao.You only need to choose sellers and products with high praise, high sales, and good reputation, and you can buy cheap underwear.

4. There are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao

There are many types of erotic underwear on Taobao, including hanging straps, lace conjunctual socks, hollow pantyhose, open crotch underwear, and so on.These sexy underwear make your sexy charm more outstanding, making you more confident and charm in bed.

5. Pay attention to the size and proportion of sexy underwear to buy sexy underwear

Pay attention to the problems of size and proportion of sexy underwear.Try to choose a size suitable for your body. The proportions should be well -proportioned. You cannot affect the overall dressing effect because the underwear is too small and too tight.

6. Need to choose sellers and products with caution

Due to the variety of products on Taobao, the quality of the seller is uneven.When buying underwear, you need to choose the seller and product carefully, and choose a seller and product with good reputation to avoid buying inferior or uncomfortable underwear, which affects the wearing effect.

7. Master the matching skills can we wear a sense of fashion

Only by mastering the matching skills can we put underwear out of fashion and sexy charm.You can enhance the fashion and sexy charm of underwear according to your own preferences and occasions, with the appropriate top and lower clothes.

8. Enjoy the benefits of Taobao gifts for sexy underwear

When buying underwear on Taobao, some merchants will give love underwear as the benefits of promotional activities. This is also a advantage of Taobao to buy underwear.Not only can you buy the right underwear, but you can also get sexy sexy underwear for free.

9. Adhere to the correct way of cleaning

The correct cleaning method can not only maintain the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear, but also extend the life of the underwear.It is recommended to choose a soft detergent when cleaning the underwear, and choose to wash it with hand or gently washing machines. Do not use hot water and bleach.

10. Do not wear underwear for a long time

Do not wear underwear for a long time, especially pajamas and sexy underwear.If wearing underwear for a long time, it will cause bacteria in the underwear to breed and affect health.It is recommended to replace underwear every day and clean and disinfect.

Conclusion: You need to pay attention to the size and quality on Taobao on Taobao, master the matching skills and correct cleaning methods, and enjoy the discount benefits of Taobao gifts for sexy lingerie.Only by choosing the right underwear and wearing it correctly can you make yourself more comfortable and confident, showing a perfect figure and sexy charm.

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