Taobao sex lingerie review sun map

What is Taobao sex underwear comment sun

Taobao sex underwear reviews refer to the photos of the customer wearing a sexy underwear after buying sex underwear in Taobao, and in the comments to show the true effect of the product.This way of shopping allows customers to better understand the size, color, and quality of the goods to help them make more wise shopping decisions.

The advantages of sexy underwear reviews

In addition to allowing customers to better understand the product, Taobao sex underwear comments have the following advantages:

High authenticity: The photos of the sunlight are taken by the customer by themselves, and it has not been modified, so its authenticity is very high

Strong reference: The photos of the sunlight are uploaded by other customers to help others, and can provide reference for potential customers

Establishing trust: The real situation of the store shows its items must have a certain promise, which increases credibility to consumers, thereby bringing a certain amount of repurchase.

How to use erotic underwear reviews

To make full use of Taobao sex underwear reviews, you can follow the following steps:

Analyze photos: First look at the underwear style in the comments, whether the color, etc. are your favorite style;

Pay attention to details: Pay attention to the style and size in the photo.

View multiple photos: Look at a few more photos, compare the size of your customers, combine our own size, and then decide whether to be suitable for yourself;

Learn more: If you are hesitant to a underwear, you can view more comments photos, or you can read other customers’ comments on this underwear, learn more information, and choose the most suitable underwear.

How to upload sexy underwear reviews

If you buy sexy underwear and want to upload your comment photos, you can follow the steps below:

Take a picture of underwear: wear underwear and take your own photos to ensure that the photos are clear and real;

Complete the comment: complete the comment on Taobao and upload photos;

Add tags: add tags in the comments, such as color, material, thickness, etc.

Click to publish: Check whether the content and photos are correct, and then click Published.

Precautions for sexy underwear reviews

When using Taobao sex underwear reviews, pay attention to the following:

Photo authenticity: The uploaded photos should be guaranteed to be authentic and must not be treated with any beauty or later treatment;

Pay attention to show belly: Sexy underwear is often exposed to the waist and chest, but if you are not willing to show your belly, you can cover it;

Protecting privacy: When uploading photos, pay attention to protecting your privacy, such as blocking your face, etc.;

Do not affect other customers: Be careful not to affect the experience of other customers when you are exposed, if you do not upload too much pornographic or exposed photos.

Which erotic underwear is worth a review of comments

After buying sexy underwear, which underwear styles are worth a review of comments?Generally speaking, we can upload the following situations:

The color is cool: the color of the underwear is eye -catching, standing out among many products, or it is more sexy in the background of Meitu

Comfortable and personal: Because sexy underwear is generally tight in the body, if you notice a certain underwear when you buy, you can use it as a sharing underwear.

Classic styles: Some classic sexy lingerie styles, such as bikini, everyone likes and suitable for a degree of shooting. It is a classic product that can be shared.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, it is very important to choose the right underwear. The following are a few tips for buying:

Pay attention to the size: Interesting underwear is a close -fitting underwear, and the size must be appropriate, so as to wear comfortable and sexy;

Quality assurance: The ingredients of the metal parts such as the headwear head of the sexy underwear should have a national standard, and try to avoid excessive cheap underwear;

Follow style: Sexy underwear in different styles is suitable for different occasions, so you must choose sexy underwear that is suitable for merging and conform to your own style;

Value of things: The price gap in sexy underwear is still quite large. Do not blindly buy expensive underwear. Pay attention to the value of things.


Taobao sex underwear reviews allow customers to better understand the true effects of underwear, and can improve the accuracy of customers’ purchase decisions.For stores, sexy underwear reviews are also a very good way to promote the exposure and sales of the store.Therefore, whether you want to buy sexy underwear or to increase the sales of the store, Taobao sex underwear comments are very valuable and should be valued.

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