Taobao sex underwear model is not secret


I believe that many people have bought sexy underwear on Taobao. In addition to styles and sizes, the models used by product display are also one of the focus of our attention.In recent years, some Taobao sex underwear shops have begun to use secret model display methods.What kind of trend is this?We need to discuss it.

Taobao sex underwear no dense model background

Before talking about the background of non -dense models, let’s review the history of Taobao’s sexy underwear shop.Early sexy underwear shops rarely used real models to display products, but used photos of models or scenes to display.The advantage of this is to save the cost of shooting, but it also leads to the uncertainty of customers in the real effect of the product.Later, in order to make consumers clearly understand the product, Taobao sex underwear shops began to use live models to display.With the continuous improvement of Taobao platform specifications, more and more stores have begun to use live models, which has improved the grade and image of the entire sex underwear industry to a certain extent.The emergence of non -secret models is based on customer privacy and model rights.

The advantage of no secret model

The biggest advantage of non -secret models is that it can improve the sense of security of customers.Under normal circumstances, a live model shows the face and face when showing sexy underwear, but still shows the figure.For some customers, this level is already embarrassing and uncomfortable.The use of secret model display can completely dispel concerns to customers and make consumers buy their favorite products more confidently.

The disadvantage of non -secret model model

Compared to the real model display, the disadvantage of non -secret models is that it cannot show the specific dressing effect.For some unique and strong design sexy underwear, the effect of using secret models will be weakened.At the same time, non -dense models cannot show the effects of sexy underwear in sports like a live model, giving customers more practical information.

The scope of applicability of non -secret model

The scope of application of non -secret models is mainly in some basic or simpler and simple sexy underwear display.For some products that need to be displayed in detail or to display specific wear effects, it is recommended to use a live model display.In short, which display method is adopted, comprehensive consideration should be comprehensively considered according to product characteristics and audience needs.

The market prospect of non -secret model

The emergence of secret models is a new trend in the sex underwear industry, and it is also a call from consumers to privacy and human rights.Based on this trend, I think the market prospects of non -dense models are very good.Of course, this does not mean that the real model has no market, and the two should add each other.For the needs of real models, some stores can display videos to achieve more intuitive results.

Suggestions for consumers

Whether it is a secret model or a live model shows sex underwear. As consumers, we should do our homework before buying.Not only decide whether to buy or not based on the model’s display effect, but also combine your own figure, preferences and other factors to choose a product that suits you.At the same time, we should also objectively look at the models of models and respect their privacy and human rights.

in conclusion

In summary, non -dense models are a new trend in the sex underwear industry, and it can provide customers with a higher sense of purchase security.But for some sexy underwear with a strong sense of design, the effect of using secret models will be weakened.Whether it is using secret models or real models to show erotic underwear, we should do our homework before purchasing and choose a product that suits us.

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