Taobao sex underwear network shoot model recruitment

Recruitment background

Taobao, as the largest online shopping mall in China, has far exceeded other e -commerce platforms.As a special product, sexy underwear is relatively narrow in sales and publicity channels.Therefore, Taobao has become the main channel for sex underwear sales.In order to better promote sexy underwear, Taobao sex underwear stores began to recruit online shooting models to accept shooting and publicity tasks.

Recruitment condition

Taobao sex underwear stores have strict requirements for webcie models, and they need some basic conditions.First of all, the model needs a certain body and appearance, and has certain performance and styling skills.Secondly, models need to have independent thinking and innovation ability, and carry out personalized publicity according to the characteristics of sexy underwear.Finally, models need good communication and cooperation capabilities to cooperate smoothly with stores and photographers.

Recruitment Process

The process of Taobao sex underwear store recruitment network shooting models is generally divided into four steps, recruitment, screening, interviews and contracts.During the recruitment stage, the recruitment advertisement was on Taobao shop, which attracted the attention of a large number of models.During the screening stage, the store will screen the resume submitted and interview the model of the primaries.During the interview stage, the store and photographer would evaluate the models and temperament of the model.During the signing stage, the two parties signed the contract after confirming the intention of the cooperation.

Form of propaganda

As a unique product of sexy underwear, its propaganda form also has certain particularity.Taobao sex underwear stores generally use pictures or video promotion.The picture can show the style, material and process characteristics of sexy underwear, and the video can show the effects and matching characteristics of the sexual underwear.

Focus on propaganda

Taobao sex underwear store pays special attention to several aspects in promoting sexy underwear.The first is to promote the quality and craftsmanship of sexy underwear, so that customers can understand the materials and characteristics of each sexy underwear.The second is to promote the style and matching of sexy underwear, so that customers can understand the dressing effect and clothing of each erotic underwear.Finally, the use scene and cost -effectiveness of the use of sexy underwear allows customers to understand the applicability and cost -effectiveness of each sexy underwear.

Propaganda effect

Taobao sex underwear stores can promote sex underwear through recruitment online models, which can effectively increase the popularity and sales of sexy underwear.At the same time, the effect of showing erotic underwear through models can allow customers to better understand the characteristics and style of each sexy underwear.These propaganda forms also make customers have a deeper and clear understanding of sexy underwear.

Recruitment prospect

As the market demand of sexy underwear increases, the demand for Taobao sex underwear stores for online shooting models is also increasing.For models, by participating in the shooting and publicity of Taobao sex lingerie stores, it can increase personal awareness and exposure and help the professional development of the model.Therefore, Taobao sex underwear store recruitment network shooting models can be said to have great development prospects.

potential problems

Although the method of Taobao sex underwear store recruitment models can effectively promote sex underwear, there are also some potential problems and risks.For example, personal characteristics such as model figure and appearance do not represent the market demand of sexy underwear, and it may lead to poor publicity.In addition, Taobao sex underwear stores need to manage and monitor the models of models to avoid unsatisfactory or quality problems.


Taobao sex underwear store recruitment model is an effective sexy underwear promotion method. It shows the erotic underwear effect through the model and increases the popularity and sales of sexy underwear.With the growth of market demand and the development of the model industry, recruitment network shooting models have great development prospects.However, you also need to pay attention to potential problems and risks, and do a good job of management and monitoring.

In short, recruitment network shooting models need Taobao sex underwear stores to conduct comprehensive and multi -angle considerations and choices.Only in this way can we better promote sexy underwear and achieve better sales and market results.

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