Taobao strange buyer shows sexy underwear


As a sexy underwear expert, I often ask what types of underwear are suitable for them by customers, and they will share their strange shopping experience on Taobao.Today, I want to share with you some stories that I have seen a strange buyer I have seen on Taobao.

1. Placing anti -defense plagiarism

In order to prevent others from copying their photos, some people will put their own names or other personal information on the sexy underwear, so that even if others use their photos, they can easily identify.

2. Late night photos

You can often see some sexy underwear photos taken late at night on Taobao. The light is dim, and the model’s facial features cannot be seen clearly.These photos are used to prove the quality of the product so that customers can better understand the quality of underwear.

3. Background clothing show

Some people like to match the sexy underwear and other clothing and then shoot in the background.This can better display the matching effect of sexy underwear, and can show a variety of matching methods of sexy underwear.

4. Sexy conditions

In order to show the sexy charm of sexy underwear, some people will use various sexy postures to take pictures.Although such photos are very sexy, too much showcases are usually not on Taobao.

5. Beauty filter

In order to make them look more beautiful, some people use beauty filters while taking pictures.Although this can make people look more beautiful, some people will vomit this way.

6. Put on a mask

In order to maintain mystery, some people will wear masks when taking pictures.Although such photos will be deleted by Taobao, some people still like such strange photos very much.

7. DIY yourself

Some people like to show sexy underwear in their own way, such as making sexy underwear as accessories, or matching sex underwear and other items to take pictures.This can better display the various uses of sexy underwear.

8. Crane photos

There are often some queue photos on Taobao. A group of people wear the same sexy underwear and take pictures together.This can better show a variety of uses and style choices of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Although there are many photos of strange buyers showing sexy underwear on Taobao, as a sexual underwear expert, we should pay more attention to the quality and style of sexy underwear itself.Normal photos and display methods can better let customers understand the quality and style of love underwear, which is what we are pursuing.

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