Television drama with fun underwear

1 Introduction

Modern TV dramas are becoming more and more open, making many traditional concepts and culture a past, which makes sexy underwear no longer regarded as a topic of taboos in the TV series.In this article, we will introduce some sexy lingerie TV series. These TV series not only show the sexy of women, but also express their confidence and self -derived of their bodies.

2. "Desire City"

This TV series tells the story of four women living and work in New York.One of the characters, Xia Ludi, is a shy person, but often wears sexy underwear, which adds confidence and sexy to her, and let her try new things.

3. "History of Wealthy Enemies"

This TV series integrates the plot of fraud, revenge and love.Its heroine has many shots in the play in the play. This is not only to show her beauty, but also to express her confidence in her body and sex.

4. "Gossip Girl"

The TV series tells the entanglement between the rich and the celebrity.In this play, Rachel, one of the main female characters, often wore sexy and interesting sexy underwear. This is a manifestation of her confident and unrestrained personality.

5. "Chicago Flame"

This TV series tells the story of train, politics and sin.Among them, the American -born Irish heroine wears sexy underwear to express her spiritual and personality freedom and the desire to evade strict constraints.

6. "Blacklist"

The TV series tells the story between the wanted criminals and the Federal Investigation Bureau.Character Elizabeth is often wearing sexy sexy underwear. This is to show her self -confidence and happiness, but also to attract attention and achieve her goals.

7. "Magic Beauty"

The TV series tells the story of three witch sisters and their stories in modern society.Among them, the character Phoebe is often wearing sexy sexy underwear. This is not to show her sexy, but to show her freedom, mystery and supernatural power.

8. "Extramarital Love"

This TV series tells the extramarital affair of four women.One of the characters in front of the camera constantly shows her sexual and emotional interesting underwear, which is to express her exploration and happiness of her physical pleasure.

9. "Become Jane Austen"

This TV series tells the story of a modern woman crossing time and space and becoming Jane Austen.In the play, the main character wears the courage of showing freedom and accepting self -dare to try new things in the 19th -century lady’s costume.

10. "The Story of Women’s Gang"

This TV series tells the story of friendship and mutual assistance between several women.One of the characters is characterized by sexy pajamas and underwear, which reflects her sense of humor, confidence and adventure.

These TV series show the self -confidence, sexy and freedom reflected by women when wearing sexy underwear.They also show the positive and open attitude of modern women in sex and physical problems.These TV series have canceled the contraindications of sexy underwear and sex, allowing the audience to explore and experience and physical fun more freely.

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