Tell me about your first time wearing a sexy lingerie

What kind of experience is the first time wearing a sexy underwear?

For many female friends, wearing erotic underwear seems to be an inexplicable challenge and excitement.Below, let me share my first experience of wearing a sexy underwear.

Tangled choice

When I bought a sexy underwear for the first time, I took a long time to choose one.In the process of buying, I often feel unable to start.Facing a variety of underwear, choosing a suitable underwear is even more difficult.

Intense trial

When I got the first sexy underwear in my hand, my heart was very excited, but it was also nervous.When I tried to penetrate underwear, I also felt a trace of shyness and uncomfortable.After all, sexy underwear is still more exposed, making me shy.

Sexy shape

After wearing a sexy underwear, I found that my body became extremely sexy.The naked part has strengthened my beauty, making me feel full of charm.At this point, I can already experience the charm of sexy underwear.

Confident expression

When I walked on the street wearing a sexy underwear, I found that my body became extremely confident.For my charm, I can also show very confident.The expression of self -confidence has made me self -understanding. A woman actually not only needs beautiful, but also needs confidence.

Wonderful experience

The first time wearing a sexy lingerie made me feel that my body was enjoying a wonderful experience.This is a pleasant experience, and even manifested as pleasure.This feeling also made me understand. In addition to the beauty of women, women need the inside feelings.

Integrate into life

When I was wearing a sexy underwear for the first time, I tried it as a "special" experience with the mentality of trying it, but this experience was deeply imprinted in my mind.Now, I don’t feel any embarrassment or discomfort, but I like to be wearing sexy underwear in daily life.

Diverse style

Interest underwear covers a variety of styles, and each has its unique charm.You can choose from sexy, charming, cute, implicit and other aspects.Different styles can show different charm. It is also a choice to choose the suitable sex underwear according to the occasion and their own personality."Qianqian" may be the characteristic of sexy underwear.

Enhance interest

For the relationship between husband and wife, sexy underwear has also played a good role in enhancing interest.On the one hand, erotic underwear can enrich the life between husband and wife and improve the quality of life. On the other hand, it can also reduce the degree of running in emotion. It is a source of excitement and passion.

Need to choose reasonably

You need to know how to choose a reasonable choice in sexual underwear. It is very important to choose the underwear material of the body.At the same time, you also need to understand your body to understand your own curves. Both waist, hips, and chests need to be considered. Choose properly to show your most beautiful side.


Putting on sex underwear can make us feel different ourselves.Not only is it improved in the image of dressing, it is also a manifestation of self -confidence and charm from the inside out.With lovers, sexy underwear can be a wonderful "catalyst", bringing more beautiful experiences to both parties.

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