The blogger who puts sexy underwear on Douyin

The blogger who puts sexy underwear on Douyin

Recently, there were some bloggers on Douyin who used sexy underwear as JK uniforms, which caused controversy from many netizens.Is the practice of these bloggers appropriate?This article will explore this topic.

Sexy and uniform boundaries

Many sexy underwear has a sexy design, which provides a basis for bloggers wearing them as uniforms.However, the design of many erotic underwear is not suitable for dresses.For example, the design of back, belly, and indecent parts do not meet the requirements of general uniforms.Therefore, it is necessary to consider what fun underwear should be worn as a uniform.

Taking sex underwear as the representative of alternative culture?

When some bloggers defended the behavior of playing sex under JK on Douyin, they said that this was a representative of "alternative culture".They believe that everyone has their own aesthetics and interests. Dressing sex underwear uniforms is just a way to express themselves and personality.However, whether this behavior is really an alternative culture requires more thinking and discussion.

Positioning erotic underwear as JK group positioning

What are their group characteristics of those bloggers who wear sexy underwear as JK uniforms on Douyin?Do they have some common psychological and social characteristics?Understanding these issues can better understand this group and design more suitable products for their needs.

Sexy underwear and gender discrimination

Some people think that it is essentially a gender discrimination against women as JK uniforms.They believe that this behavior has made women objective and positioned as sexual objects.This view also makes sense, because the design of sexy underwear is originally to show the sexy and gender characteristics of women.

Desert on jk uniform

Other people believe that to wear interest underwear as JK uniforms is a blasphemy for Japanese JK culture.They believe that JK culture is a unique cultural phenomenon, and it is to distort the essence of this culture as a uniform.This view also makes sense, but it must be acknowledged that JK culture itself also has some degree of masculinity and sexualization.

Impact on young people

As we all know, there are many young people on the user group on Douyin, and their sexual cognition and values are forming.Some bloggers put sexy underwear on Douyin as JK uniforms, which will not only affect the sexual cognition of young people, but also make similar behaviors more and more common among young people.This is a adverse effect on the sex education and gender equality education of young people.

Impact of the consumer market

In the end, there is another problem, which is to wear sexy underwear as JK uniforms. How much is it for hype and sales?In the consumer market, it is necessary to attract consumers’ attention. Some merchants will use various ways to hype their products.It is likely to be one of the means to wear sex underwear as JK uniforms.

in conclusion

It is a complicated thing to wear sex underwear as JK uniforms. It is necessary to comprehensively consider many factors.Thinking of this question from multiple perspectives such as gender discrimination, cultural heritage, and consumer market can better answer this question.In short, we should keep this phenomenon rationally and prudently. Don’t blindly follow or should not be overly attacked.

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