The company lets wearing sexy underwear to work

Sexy underwear becomes working clothes

Recently, a friend described me about her recent work in a fashion company.She was quite surprised because the company made them wear sexy sexy underwear at work.This is already the weird work occasion she has experienced.

Changes in the working environment

The company issued a instruction when a female employee who provided the influence promotion team asked her to wear sexy sexy underwear to create a sexy and leisure atmosphere.When I heard the news, I was very surprised because I never heard that a company would do so.However, this trend seems to be becoming more and more popular in the company, and more and more women are forced to wear sexy underwear during work every year.

Sexy and relaxed atmosphere

The concept of this trend is that wearing sexy underwear can make female employees feel more comfortable and relax at work.Sex underwear allows women to feel relaxed emotions, thereby improving their confidence and work efficiency.This is a unique and interesting method, and it is also a social experience.When employees wear such underwear, they will be closer to them, and this will help improve team cooperation and interpersonal relationships.

Improve creativity

The company believes that this underwear can not only improve the confidence and comfort of female employees, but also improve their creativity.The experience of wearing sexy underwear can make employees more kind, focus more on tasks, and improve their creativity.This means that the company can get more innovation and imagination, which is a praise for any company.

The risk of wearing sex underwear

However, sexy underwear is also risky.Especially if the working environment requires employees to contact customers and face face -to -face communication, underwear may make women feel embarrassed.If the employees feel unable to wear sexy underwear comfortably, the situation will be counterproductive, which may cause female employees’ troubles and emotional frustrations, but it will have an unfavorable effect on work.

Personal preference

Another factor worth considering is the personal preferences of employees.Wearing sexy underwear is a very private behavior, and not every woman is willing to share her underwear photos with company employees.Some women may rather wear their favorite underwear to work, rather than being asked to wear a designated underwear.In fact, this can make them feel more comfortable and confident and help improve work efficiency.

Show gender stereotype impression

While the company encourages employees to wear sexy underwear, will they provide opportunities for themselves and other women to let them work in a non -sexy way?The company requires female employees to wear sex underwear is a very gender -stereotype, which shows that the company believes that women must be exposed in a way.In practical applications, we can focus on how to make employees feel comfortable and confident goals to ensure that the company will not fall into stereotypes and gender discrimination.

Impact on labor law

The company requires employees to wear sexy underwear. Does this meet the requirements of employment regulations and labor regulations?This is a very interesting question, but if employees are harmed or other problems at work, it is difficult for the company to explain this behavior.


Let employees wear sexy underwear is a brave and creative decision. It can also improve the emotions of employees, thereby improving work efficiency.But it is also important that we should focus on the comfort and feedback of employees’ feelings.We must ensure that the company’s behavior will not cause the employee’s confusion or trouble, and strive to eliminate any potential gender stereotypes and discrimination.

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