The earliest sexy underwear in Taiwan

Origin of Taiwanese sexy underwear

The development of sexy underwear in Taiwan can be traced back to the early 1990s.At that time, in the area of Ximending, Taipei City, a group of sex products stores were operating to sell various sexy clothing, including sexy lingerie.The introduction of sexy underwear from Japan from Japan has become the earliest source of Taiwan’s sexy underwear.

The development of Taiwanese sexy underwear in Japan

The development of Taiwanese sexy underwear has been influenced by Japanese sexy underwear.Japanese sex lingerie has begun to rise since the 1970s. Among them, French satin underwear created by the designer of the Academy of Culture Clothing is the most famous. Later, other Japanese brands have also launched various sexy underwear.These sexy underwear are swept the Japanese market, and they are also welcomed in Taiwan, activating the development of Taiwan’s sexy underwear market.

Special style of Taiwanese sexy underwear

Taiwan’s sexy underwear has a variety of styles, the most popular is the three -point underwear.This underwear is composed of the upper body, the G string of the lower body, and the strap on the waist, focusing on the prominent body curve.In addition, there are sexy underwear made of lace, net yarn and other materials, which can better show women’s charming figure and sexy charm.

Applicable occasions of Taiwanese sexy underwear

Taiwan’s sexy underwear is not only to add fun to the sexual life of the couples, but also wears in party, dance, etc., showing women’s sexy and charming.In addition, some women like to wear sexy underwear in daily life, release their inner desires, and experience different dressing feelings.

The size and choice of Taiwanese sexy underwear

The size of Taiwan’s sexy underwear is rich in size and can meet the needs of women in different figures.It is best to measure your body size when you buy, and choose the corresponding size.In addition, different occasions and styles that need to be worn are also different. You need to choose the corresponding sexy underwear according to your needs.

How to show self -confidence and beauty when wearing sexy underwear

In addition to the need to choose the appropriate style and size, sexy lingerie is also displayed in confidence and beauty.It is recommended to add appropriate accessories, such as high heels, earrings, necklaces, etc. when wearing sexy underwear. At the same time, pay attention to the elegance of the posture and enhance the overall temperament.

Sustainable sexy underwear brand

In recent years, with the enhancement of sustainable environmental awareness, some sexy lingerie brands that focus on environmental protection and sustainability have appeared.These brands focus on environmental protection and health when choosing fabrics. At the same time, they also adhere to the concept of environmental protection in the process of production, create beautiful and green sexy underwear, and lead the trend of sexy underwear in the new era.

How to buy high -quality sexy underwear

Pay attention to brand reputation, fabric and craftsmanship.It is recommended to choose well -known brands and manufacturers to avoid purchasing poor cottage products.In terms of fabrics and craftsmanship, you can choose comfortable, breathable, non -irritating fabrics, and pay attention to processing details, such as whether the stitching is flat.

The development trend of Taiwan’s sex underwear market

With the changes of the times, the degree of opening up of society and people’s understanding of sexual life have continued to improve, and the Taiwan’s sexy underwear market is also ushered in new development opportunities.In the future, sexy underwear will develop in a more technological, comfortable and green direction.At the same time, sexy underwear will pay more attention to the protection and attention of women’s health and escort women’s sexual health.


The development of Taiwan’s sexy underwear is colorful, and the future development is also very broad.As a representative of women’s sexy and beautiful, sexy underwear can not only meet the sexual needs of couples, but also show women’s self -confidence and charm and promote women’s sexual health and beauty.

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