The earliest sexy underwear video in China

The earliest sexy underwear video in China

In China, sexy underwear, as a sexual product, has been in the market for a long time.With the development of the Internet, erotic underwear also slowly appeared on various electronic devices.Today, people can understand the style, materials and uses of sexy underwear through various channels.However, few people know how China’s earliest sexy underwear videos were born.

Source and time of video

The source of the video is not a commercial institution or an adult shop.In fact, this video was shot by a literary team of an ordinary university in Shaanxi in the early 1990s.At that time, their publicity videos organized some female students who loved performances, and wearing some sexy underwear in school performances for performances.

Features of video

This video can be said to be completely different from his erotic underwear -related videos.It does not pursue excessive sexy effects, but pays more attention to the appeal of performing arts.Students are wearing all kinds of sexy underwear to perform on the stage, cooperate with music, and show the beauty and special features of sexy underwear with different postures and actions.


Although this video was only an ordinary campus promotional video at first, due to the conservative and closing of Chinese society at that time, the video caused a lot of sensation in society as soon as it was passed on to school.At the same time, this video has also become a cultural product that pays attention to sexy underwear in China, which has led to the rapid development of the sex underwear market later.

The impact on China’s sexy underwear market

In fact, this video has a profound impact on China’s sexy underwear market.On the one hand, this video has given the charm of artistic underwear, which has gradually accepted the concept of sexy underwear and sex culture.On the other hand, this video has also stimulated many merchants to start selling sexy underwear in the Chinese market, and also promoted the development of China’s sexy underwear market.

The development of sexy underwear

With the continuous development of China’s economy and society, the sexy underwear market is also growing.Today, in addition to traditional sexy lingerie styles, rich in sexy underwear products such as European and American style, Japanese and Korean style, and network culture style have also entered the Chinese market.

The impact of market changes

The sexy underwear in the market is constantly changing.Today, sexy underwear is no longer just for sex, and it has become a way for women to show off their own figure and fashion taste.More young people also started to like to wear sexy underwear, take pictures, take pictures, and enjoy this feeling of fashion and entertainment.

Combined with business sexy underwear market

In addition to this feeling of fashion and entertainment, the combination of the sexy underwear market and commercial institutions has also become a trend.Many merchants have begun to operate sexy underwear and promote this product through various channels.At the same time, the sales of sexy underwear have become large -scale, and various styles, styles, colors and materials have also increased the choice of consumers.

Consumer’s precautions

However, as a product of sexual and cultural factors, this product also needs consumers’ attention.When buying sexy underwear, consumers need to understand the materials, functions and use descriptions of the product to prevent safety problems.At the same time, when wearable and use, we also need to pay attention to protecting their own privacy and safety.

in conclusion

In short, with the continuous opening up of Chinese society and the gradual improvement of people’s sexual cultural consciousness, the development prospects of the sex underwear market are broad.Both commercial institutions and ordinary consumers need to pay close attention to product security and protect personal privacy on the premise of paying attention to the characteristics of the product itself.In this way, China’s sexy underwear market can develop and prosper more healthy!

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