The erotic lingerie you tear

Easy DIY: The sexy underwear you tear

When it comes to sexy underwear, many people think that only purchases can get carefully designed and high -quality products.But in fact, you can make it yourself and create a unique sexy underwear.This is an interesting and exciting creative process, and you can also get the style you want in a more affordable way than buying.In this article, we will show you how to tear up sexy underwear by ourselves.

Choice material

First, you need to choose materials suitable for sexy underwear.For sexy underwear, lace material is a good choice. This material has a sense of luxury and visual effects.In addition, you can also choose other materials such as silk, fish nets, depending on your preferences and creativity.

Preparation tool

In addition to the appropriate materials, you also need to prepare some tools.These tools include sewing machines, hand -scissors, sewing threads, scale ruler, marking pen, pillow bracket, and so on.Make sure you have necessary tools and materials, which will provide great help for your sexy underwear production.

Choice style

Before making sexy underwear, you need to choose your favorite style.These styles can be lace bra, bare stockings, open underwear, chest stickers, and so on.Make sure you choose the style not only in line with your taste, but also for your figure.


It also requires a certain size measurement skills to make sexy underwear.Use the scale ruler to measure the size of your bust, waist circumference, buttocks and other key parts to ensure that your production size is accurate.This is a key step, because the appropriateness of sexy underwear is very important for your comfort and styling effect.

Start production

Now all preparations are ready, and then start making sexy underwear.Use the marking pen to marked the cutting line on the prepared materials, cut the material according to the cutting line, and then sewn it with a sewing machine.Make sure that the color and material of your sewing thread matches your material, which will make your sexy underwear more perfect.

Add details

The success of sexy underwear lies in its details.You can add elements such as lace, jewelry to increase the sensational texture of sexy underwear.Considering the details of lace and diamonds in key parts such as chest and waist, this can make your sexy underwear more unique and attractive.

Try and adjust

After the production of erotic underwear is completed, it is a vital step to try on.Confirm the key factors such as the comfort, sexuality and appropriateness of sexy underwear.If necessary, you can make tiny adjustments.

Enjoy the fun of creation

The process of making sexy underwear by yourself is a way to get rid of daily troubles, so that you can enjoy the joy of creating.After all, spending time and energy to build your own work is an interesting and fulfilling experience.

in conclusion

Making sexy underwear may sound complicated, but it is actually a process of very interesting, creative and fulfilling.By selecting the appropriate materials, styles and details, measure the size according to your requirements and sewn the sewing machine to sew, and you can get a delicate sexy underwear that belongs to your own.Give yourself some time and opportunities, you will find that you are a very creative and practical sexy underwear maker.

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