The erotic underwear pictures of the original god emperor


Since the emergence of the original god, the attention of a large number of players has attracted the attention of a large number of players, and the clothes on them are one of the topics that players have discussed.Today, let’s talk about the sexy underwear of the original god.

What is sexy sheet

Sex underwear is a special underwear that can shape the perfect body and highlight the charm of confidence.It is mostly sexy and bold. Most of the materials used are mainly lace and silk. It is often designed with various details to create a unique atmosphere.

Emperor’s erotic underwear pictures appreciation

Below is a set of pictures of the sexy underwear of the original god.


The fun and lingerie styles of the original god emperor, including but not limited to the following:

Lace hollow model: uses lace material to create innovative hollow design to create a faint beauty;

Perspective shaping model: The transparent mesh material is used to effectively highlight the figure curve, emphasizing the sexy and charming of women;

Net yarn hips: uses high elastic materials to create a romantic and beautiful feeling. At the same time, it can enhance the hip lines and make women more beautiful and charming.


The sexy underwear of the original god is mainly sexy black, and it will also use bright colors such as red and purple to enhance the visual effect.


Because sexy underwear usually uses high elastic materials, it is very comfortable to wear, and can shape the perfect figure curve, making women feel more confident and relaxed.


Interest underwear is not only suitable for romantic moments between couples, but also suitable for party, dance, cosplay and other occasions, which can make women more confident and beautiful.

Maintenance advice

Interest underwear is generally used in fine fabrics, such as cotton, lace, velvet, etc., so you need to pay special attention to maintenance.It is recommended to wash it with cold water hands to avoid rubbing by bleaching agents, hot water and powerful force to avoid destroying the design of the details.

With suggestions

It is best to use sexy underwear when wearing privately. It is recommended to pair with high heels, stockings, etc., and try to avoid mixing and matching with other clothing to avoid losing the charm of sexy underwear.


The erotic underwear of the original god emperor is a kind of underwear full of mystery and unique design.It brings more self -confidence and beauty, a private fashion item worthy of women.

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