The fun underwear bought online is not washed and worn without washing

Question introduction: Why not directly wear the sexy underwear of online shopping

Today, with the increasing concept of sex and sex, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of many people’s daily life.Compared with traditional underwear, the design of sexy underwear is more attractive and can meet more personalized needs.However, more and more people are starting to buy sexy underwear online instead of buying in physical stores.However, some people ignore a very important question when buying sexy underwear -washing.

Part 1: Insufficient to buy sexy underwear online

Unlike the purchase of physical stores, buying sexy underwear online does not really touch and try.Although the fabrics such as pearl shreds and polyester are becoming more and more popular, not all sexy underwear is suitable for everyone.Unable to try it on is a major disadvantage of online shopping sexy underwear.In fact, many online e -commerce websites selling sexy underwear In order to make customers trust their products more, they may handle the color, texture, transparency of the underwear when shooting.Not consistent.

Part 2: The importance of underwear washing

Whether you buy online or physical underwear, you need to wash it before you wear it.Washing can remove bacteria and stains hidden on the underwear to ensure human health and safety.

Part II

First, check the details on the clothing label before washing.The washing instructions outline how to wash, dry, and iron the sexy underwear.If the label is cut off, please try to wash as much as possible to avoid using erosion such as laundry powder and chlorine drifting agent.His harsh laundry habits cause damage to the material, elasticity and yarn of sexy underwear.Secondly, try not to dry underwear with a dryer, because high temperature drying may shrink the clothes and affect its shape and texture.

Part 4: Types and materials of underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear. According to their uses, they are divided into daily type, night type, and sexy types. There are many varieties in each category.There are also various fabrics in sexy underwear. For example, adult underwear usually uses softer materials, such as lace, silk, and lace, so you need to be more careful when washing.

Part 5: Precautions for online shopping sexy underwear

Under normal circumstances, you should avoid buying too cheap underwear, rough materials/technology, wrong size and so on.It is recommended that you read the evaluation related to the product and choose a reliable seller and a reputable brand.

Part 6: Cleaning Tips

Careful treatment of underwear cleaning, especially for soft materials such as silk and lace.Soft underwear should not be placed on a laundry bag with zipper and other metal accessories or washed with bleach! The above behavior may cause damage and color difference to fine fabrics.

Part 7: The correct method of dressing

After selecting the size, please decisively break the idea of using erotic underwear involved in the use of erotic underwear without washing.Before use, a simple washing process is needed to ensure hygiene.If there are iron nails, metal buckles and hard cores on the underwear, pay attention to protect the chest.In addition, pay attention to human health and update underwear regularly.

Part 8: Rigorously treat private products

Choosing to maintain personal hygiene is also a kind of attitude. The choice of sustainable underwear/sanitary napkins, high -quality health products, etc. are measures to maintain personal hygiene.Change underwear is also an important measure to focus on hygiene.In addition, in order to prevent accidents, do not put underwear in direct sunlight, humid and high temperature places, and must be properly kept.

Part 9: Make sexy underwear a beautiful part

In addition to washing and maintenance, how to wear is also important.If you need to wear sexy underwear publicly, please pay attention to the venue of the event and the choice of coats to avoid the embarrassment at the scene.In addition, choosing a style that suits you is also a key factor with underwear.

Part 10: Conclusion

Online shopping erotic lingerie does have many advantages, such as more styles, less embarrassment.However, sexy underwear is a private item that should increase the rules of washing and follow the principles of health.When buying and wearing sexy underwear, it is recommended to treat it with caution and reduce accidents.

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