The guy starts a business and sells sexy underwear

What do I do from college students to entrepreneurs

My name is Li Hua, a young college student, born in a small city.When I was close to graduation, I began to think about how to find employment, and suddenly a creative jumped into my mind.That is to sell interesting underwear, because I found that the demand for this product in the market was very large, but the competition was not very fierce.So I started this exploratory entrepreneurial journey.

The key to selecting products is to investigate and study

After selecting the industry -selling underwear industry, I started a market survey to analyze the needs of competitors and consumers, and explore the profit margins and costs of various products.Through a large amount of data analysis, I finally determined the sexual emotional and sexy underwear that sold the European and American style.

Brand name, image construction

In order to distinguish between other competitors, I need to give my brand a prominent and memorable name. After considering many factors, I finally decided to use "Goddess Charm" as my brand name, and starting on this basis, I started to start with starting on this basis.Construction of brand image.

Establish a network sales platform and pricing strategy

After a market survey, I learned that Internet sales are the most effective way for sales of sexual emotional erotic underwear. So I invested in some funds and built an e -commerce platform.At the same time, I also noticed that prices have a vital impact on such products. In order to fight for more consumers’ trust and loyalty, I have adopted a transparent pricing strategy. Under the premise of ensuring qualityprice.

Solve the supply chain problem

After the operation was launched, I encountered the supply chain problem.Fortunately, I discovered some high -quality suppliers abroad. They provided the supply of high supply, reasonable prices, and ensuring stable inventory.

Effective advertising strategy

Regardless of how good products, without good advertisements, consumers may never know this brand.Therefore, I have carried out various advertising, including social media, magazine advertisements, and digital advertising. These advertisements are quite attractive and can attract the attention of customers.

Provide high -quality services to customers

In order to allow consumers to increase their trust and feelings about my brand, I value the service quality of pre -sales, sales, and after -sales.A lot of effort has been on the refined service process, providing services that exceed consumer expectations, have received high evaluation many times, and improved the brand reputation.

Sales through social media

As a rising promotion platform, social media provides a variety of marketing methods, but has reduced consumers’ rejection of advertising.I have interacted with consumers and carried out interactive activities with consumers on social media, attracting them to buy my products on my e -commerce platform, and also clarify my positioning and goals through social media.

Fight on the economic downward pressure

With the economic downturn of the country’s economy, many domestic companies have begun to suffer the dilemma of layoffs and closure.However, I always believe that in the face of huge market demand, personal entrepreneurs can also play their own advantages.Therefore, I increased my operating efficiency and adjusted the promotion strategy, so that my business continued to grow and gradually occupy the market advantage.

Every success is the manifestation of business wisdom

In which industry, it is very difficult to succeed.However, it is not a talent for business wisdom. It can be obtained through the behavior of learning, observation, practice, reflection.Whether you are innovating, selling vegetables, or opening a store, as long as you are good at learning, courageous innovation, and willingness to persevere, you can also achieve your own value in business.


The above is some of my experiences and experiences in sexy underwear entrepreneurship. I hope to inspire my friends who want to start a business.In my entrepreneurial process, the achievements I achieved were not only the sales figures that realized, but also in the journey of studying, trying, and growing up.I hope my experience can provide you with a basic idea, and bring a little inspiration and help to your entrepreneurial road.

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