The heroine sells sexy underwear male lead courier

The hostess buys sexy underwear

The heroine recently purchased a set of sexy sexy underwear on the Internet. This underwear has many different styles and functions, which can make people feel different stimuli and pleasure.The heroine chose a set of European and American -style underwear. This underwear usually uses a relatively high -end material, and the style is also bolder DARING.

Male lead identity revealed

When the heroine’s long -awaited underwear arrived, a courier delivered the goods to the door.At this time, the identity of the male lead was revealed that he was an ordinary courier.The hostess is a little lost, because she is looking forward to a man who will make romantic in a timely manner instead of an ordinary courier.

Male Lord’s witty response

Feeling the disappointment of the heroine, the male console responded wisely: "Interesting underwear also requires a courier to pass on your hands." This sentence made the heroine realize that the male lead is a witty and clever person, which makes this makes it makes it makes it makes it makes it makes the male lead.The heroine re -evaluated the male lead in her heart.

Male Lord’s knowledge and wisdom

The male lead began to introduce the different characteristics and use of each set of fun underwear to the female lead.At first, the heroine had some shyness, but under the careful explanation of the male lead, she gradually felt the unique charm of underwear.

The exchange between the female lead and the male lead

Under the gradually familiar and friendly exchanges of the male lead, the heroine no longer feels that he is just an ordinary courier, but a person worth trusting and communicating.The knowledge and wisdom of the male lead also inspired the female lead.

Underwear matching suggestions

The male lead introduced the matching suggestions of each set of sexy underwear, including wearing lace gloves, with high heels, necklaces and bracelets.These suggestions are ordinary and bold, but for the female lead, they are creative and help increase self -confidence and sexy.

The role of sexy underwear

The male lead explained the role of sexy underwear to the female lead. It is not only to satisfy sexual desire, but also to increase interest and gradually enhance emotion.These effectively improved quality also allowed the heroine to appreciate these underwear more.

Underwear maintenance suggestion

The male lead also introduced how to maintain these sexy underwear.He emphasized that following the maintenance instructions can extend the life of underwear to the greatest extent, and ensure that they maintain freshness and sexy for a long time.

The heart of the male lead

In the end, the male lead revealed his heart to the heroine, and he said he liked these sexy underwear.This common interest and the careful help of the male lead have given the heroine more understanding and gratitude to him.Their relationship began to upgrade.


Interest underwear is not just a sexy fashion item, it is also a tool for emotional stimulation and enhancement of emotion.Through the careful guidance of the male lead and revealing, the role of sexy underwear has also been maximized, allowing the heroine to be brave to express the inner feelings and enhance the feelings between men and women.

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