The manufacturing process of sexy underwear

1 Overview

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear. Its style and material requirements are very special, so it needs to be strictly controlled during the manufacturing process.Generally, sexy underwear manufacturers will be manufactured according to market demand and designer’s design drawings. Let’s take a look at the manufacturing process of sexy underwear.

2. Material preparation

First of all, the production of sexy underwear requires various materials, such as silk, lace, infrared fabrics, etc.Before the production, you need to purchase the required amount of raw materials and make preliminary processing, such as cutting the silk to the required size.

3. Design drawing

Next, the designer needs to be designed according to market demand and material characteristics, and the design manuscripts are made into detailed drawings.Among them, the drawings need to include detailed information such as size, material, and suture of each part.

4. Cut material

After getting detailed drawings, the producer needs to cut the materials according to the drawings.This step requires extremely high accuracy, otherwise it will affect subsequent production work.

5. sewing

After cutting the materials, you need to sew.At this step, accurate sewing needs to be performed according to the drawings, and the strength and angle of the sewing of each part should be paid attention to.During the sewing process, the material needs to be processed symmetrically to ensure that the sexy underwear made meets the requirements of beauty and practicality.

6. Detail processing

After the production of sexy underwear is completed, it is necessary to refine and process it.For example, weaken places where the stitching is too obvious, handle a position with not smooth hand feel, and so on.This step requires patience and meticulousness to ensure that the produced underwear can meet the needs of markets and customers.

7. Quality test

After the production is completed, it is necessary to check the quality of sex underwear.This includes appearance, elasticity, thickness, size and other aspects.Only after the quality inspection of sexy underwear can we enter the market.

8. Packing

After completing the quality inspection, sexy underwear needs to be packaged.Generally speaking, underwear uses a separate packaging bag for packaging, so as not to pollute and protect the underwear from friction and wear.

9. Factory

The last step is the factory of sexy underwear.Before leaving the factory, you need to conduct the last inspection of the packaged sexy underwear to ensure that there is no missed inspection and meet the expectations of factory exit standards and the expectations of customers.

10. Summary view

To sum up, the production of sexy underwear requires a rigorous and standardized process.Only after careful, serious, meticulous, and enthusiastic production can we make high -quality sexy underwear.This is also one of the important reasons for sex underwear to be accepted by consumers.

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