The most luxurious and extravagant underwear

The most luxurious and extravagant underwear

Introduction: The development process of sexy underwear

As a product of fashion culture, sexy underwear has been controversial and praised since its birth.From the initial single sex clothing, to the current sexy and fashionable underwear, the development of sexy underwear is accompanied by the changes of the times and the transformation of people’s aesthetic concepts.Today, people’s demand for sexy underwear is no longer just pure sexual function, but the perfect creation of their own image and the pursuit of visual enjoyment of the opposite sex.

The first: La Perla’s soutache

La Perla’s SOUTACHE is one of the most luxurious sexy underwear. This sexy underwear perfectly combines fashion and sexy. It uses French lace and bow, which is bright.The price of this sexy underwear is as high as $ 30,000, suitable for buyers who pursue extreme luxury.

Paragraph 2: Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

The Fantasy Bra of Victoria’s Secret is one of the biggest highlights on the Secret Show each year. It is made from precious diamonds and gems. The price is generally more than $ 2 million.This sexy underwear is not only luxurious, but also has a very high ornamental. It is the best choice for women to pursue perfection and heterosexual visual enjoyment.

Third paragraph: Agent Provocateur’s Soiree

Agent Provocateur is a well -known sexy underwear brand. Its SOIREE series has noble and elegant taste, unique style and exquisite details.This series of underwear reflects the charm of theme party, symbolizing elegance and luxury.Its limited edition set is about $ 2,000, and it is also a luxury in sexy underwear.

Fourth paragraph: bordelle’s Angela

Bordelle’s Angela sexy underwear is a luxurious underwear that combines fashion elements and sexy elements.This series uses crafts such as hand -made, lace and tight cups, and the golden button decoration of the waist, making the entire underwear more distinguished.Its price is about $ 3,000, suitable for customers with high taste appreciation.

Fifth paragraph: Lise Charmel’s Antinea

Lise Charmel’s Antinea sex underwear series is a poetic and dreamy work. Its style details and tailoring skills have reached the extreme.This sexy underwear is made of exquisite handmade embroidery and linen, with a unique tulle design, making women more elegant and noble.Its price is about $ 3,000.

Sixth paragraph: Esterel of Andres Sarda

Andres Sarda’s Eskel series is a personal and fashionable sexy underwear. This style uses fashion elements such as straps and grids, which looks very avant -garde and personality.Its price is around $ 1,500, suitable for women who like publicity.

Paragraph 7: AUBADE’s Bahia Couture

AUBADE’s Bahia Couture has added elements such as high -grade lace and crystal based on the classic design of the brand, which has improved the luxury of sexy underwear a lot.This underwear is costing about $ 1,000.

8th paragraph: NOEUDS ET MERVEILS of CHANTAL Thomass

ChanTal Thomass’s Noeuds Et Merveilles sexy underwear series combines luxury elements and elegant nobleness. It uses exquisite embroidery and velvet fabrics. The texture and feel are excellent.The price is about $ 1,000.

Paragraph 9: Fleur Du Mal’s Chateau

Fleur Du Mal’s Chateau sex underwear series is a chic and elegant underwear.This style forms a corridor and auditorium in a gathering petal, adding a romantic and elegant atmosphere.Its price is around $ 1200.

Paragraph 10: Myla’s nicole

The Myla’s Nicole series is based on its classic black and white, and uses high -end silk and lace to express the fashionable side of underwear.Its unique design and details show luxury and noble, selling for about $ 800.

Conclusion: Pursuing luxury cannot be blind

Interest underwear is not only pure sexual function, but also a way to show a beautiful figure and personality charm.When choosing a luxurious sexy underwear, we need to be rational and prudent. We must not blindly pursue prices and brands. We must choose the sexy underwear that is best for ourselves based on our aesthetic concept and actual needs.

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