The name of the sexy lingerie store

The name of the sexy lingerie store

Interest underwear stores are a unique business model, which is very different from traditional underwear shops.Interesting underwear stores mainly sell some unique sexy underwear. These underwear are very popular in the market due to the uniqueness of design and styles.The name of the sex lingerie store has a vital role in the marketing and promotion of the store. The appropriate store name can not only remember at a glance, but also play a good publicity effect in business promotion.

1. The name of Kanniang Niang

Many sexy underwear shops have their own viewing puppets. The viewing mother -in -law is an important symbol that is different from traditional underwear shops.Kannan Niang is a shaping of the image of the human form, and it can represent the image of the store brand.Get a distinctive name for the Kanban Niang, on the one hand, it can bring a business effect, and on the other hand, it can also increase the popularity of the store.

2. Description of performance name

In addition to looking at Ban Niang’s name, another name strategy is to use the name that can describe the performance of sexy underwear.This name is often directly related to the characteristics of sexy underwear. For example, some sexy underwear has a comfortable, free, hazy and other feelings, so you can use the names such as "free pants" and "hazy skirt" to sell their products.

3. Use the brand’s name

Sanitary napkin: "Women and Baby" (Equipment and Breeding); Shampoo: "Senior MDL"; "Blue"; daily skin care products: "Fawano"; sexy underwear stores on their namesYou can also consider using the convenience of the brand.If the store’s operating brand is relatively mature, you can cleverly use the brand in the store name to quickly convey the brand’s large amount of information to the customer’s hearts.

4. Use the name of the area

Interest underwear stores can be opened in different locations, and the culture and characteristics of each region are different.If the owner wants to use a specific regional cultural marketing to market his own sexy underwear store, then he can try to use regional vocabulary as the name of the store, so that merchants and local culture confirm each other.

5. Give people Lenovo’s name

The characteristics of erotic underwear are unique, and the imagination and association brings are the same.By adopting some names that can cause people to associate, people can deeply understand the characteristics and sexy charm of sexy underwear.

6. Bring a dialogue name

The name of the sexy underwear store must be interesting. By using the name of the dialogue, it can make people associate and get a sense of intimacy.In modern society, people are pursuing increasingly humanistic care, so this is also very promoted.

7. Have a novel name

Novel names are often easier to remember, and some creative and light business names can be used.These names must ensure that your product characteristics and brand image can be brought out, and it is also easy to understand.

8. Name of conceptualization

Fun underwear stores can use some easy -to -understand conceptual names.These names are clearly meaningful, the logo is clear, and it can grasp the attention of consumers.

9. Consider the name of online marketing

In modern society, "good names" are not limited to traditional marketing in real life, but also consider online marketing and online interpersonal relationships.How to make consumers find your shop better online?This requires considering online marketing strategies, such as using keywords that are easy to search and easy to remember in the store name.

in conclusion

In the naming of erotic lingerie stores, the characteristics of goods should be paid attention to and the strategy of commercial marketing.Each merchant can choose your favorite store name according to his needs and product style.Finally, we can combine the current online marketing strategy to better push the brand of sex lingerie stores to the market.

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